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Solid Gold Cardio

Christi Taylor

This high/low workout is quite fun – after you “get it.” It’s not as well-taught as Christi’s earlier workouts and can be frustrating, but you do catch on after awhile. Frankly, if it had been made by any other instructor, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to put forth the effort to learn it. But Christi is my #1 instructor, so I stuck with it more than I would have from someone else. It has great music, which also ups the fun factor by a lot. I recommend this only if you’ve been exposed to Christi’s other workouts. If you start with this one, you’ll probably end up crossing her off your list because of the frustration. And that would certainly be a shame, because she has the best and most fun cardio workouts on the planet. :)

Annie S.


This video is in two parts--each complete workouts on their own if you're pressed for time. The first section is mixed impact with slightly more emphasis on high. But as always there are modifiers showing a low impact version. It is very fast-paced except in the middle where it slows down somewhat with a heel-toe-heel grapevine combo that is pretty simple which Christi breaks down far too much. Other than that, this workout is very dancy with pivots, hops and hop turns and gets very intense during the high impact "heel, heel, kick, jog" combination. But as usual, the music is fun and highly motivating. I frequently have to stop myself from singing out loud so that I don't get short of breath. I must admit I usually find myself grinning like a loon when doing this workout.
The second half of this workout isn't as difficult and I don't like the music as much. But it's still very much fun and there are a couple of tough combos such as the shuffle-touch-turn and the hop turns with the backwards grapevines.

Instructor comments: The best. Christi is fun, funny and her cuing is outstanding.

Terree Wolfert


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