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Christi Taylor

Hmmmmmm. I donít quite know what to say about this workout. Itís not your typical Christi fare. The first 40 minutes is high/low which I believe is supposed to incorporate functional fitness, although I canít say whether it does or not. The high/low consists of several short combos. You do one combo, and then you never do it again. I admit Iím really glad Christi chose this style for this workout, because, frankly, I donít think it would be much fun if the combos had to be repeated. Theyíre not that much fun even one time Ė but theyíre not bad either. All of the combos are really easy to pick up because Christi uses basic/intermediate athletic moves. There are ďFazesĒ 1 and 2 to the high/low. At the beginning of Faze 2, Christi starts out with some arm exercises at the beginning of the first combo. I could only stand there in horror wondering where the real Christi went. She does eventually add in the aerobics, but it still wasnít fun. Later in Faze 2, ďI Dream of JeannieĒ starts playing, and thatís when I lost it. I was so distracted that I donít even know whether I was following Christi or doing something entirely different. Now that I know what to expect from the workout, however, itís not so bad. Iíll be keeping it, but Iíd be lying if I said I ever want Christi to do another like it.

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Annie S.


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