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T-Tapp: Tempo Torso

Teresa Tapp

This one is filmed in Teresa's very pretty living room, and there are no background exercisers.

Get ready!! This one is a kick butt workout!! This is my favorite so far!!

The workout is about 29 minutes long and is comprised of some moves in Total Workout, plus advanced moves. My abs were already sore hours after doing this one the first time! It's cardio, and it's strength, and we never pick up a weight. There is no music for a good reason. You need to CONCENTRATE to keep good form in order to get the full benefits of these workouts. There is no instruction as she intends this to be a workout for those already familiar with her Total Workout, but there are plenty of form reminders.

If you're familiar with T-Tapp you already know form is crucial to the program's success. Shoulders back, butt tucked, stomach in, knee to little toe, no big toe. In four weeks of T-Tapp I lost nineteen and a half inches.

T-Tapp is isometic contraction as opposed to isotonic. The muscle is worked at both insertion sites, resulting in lean muscles as opposed to bulky ones. Because we contract five to seven muscle groups at once (assuming you're paying attention to form), we work harder. It's also designed to be rehabilitative. Your aching joints will improve quickly!

This is A +++++++++!!! I absolutely adore it!!!!!!!!

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