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Teresa Tapp

COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: In this 42 minute total body tape Teresa assumes that you have done the instructionals, and beginner/rehabilitative workout so there is very little instruction. She does count reps, but that doesn't bother me because it's not like those kickboxing tapes which are too hyper sometimes.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This video starts off like all but Hit the Floor with the Primary Back Stretch to get you ready for fat burning. You do all the exercises that are in the beginner/rehabilitative workout but more repetitions, usually 10, and there are a few additional exercises, Speed Skater, Advanced Hoe Downs aka Crossovers, and Fanny or Butt Blasters. Like all videos in the T-Tapp series linear alignment is emphasized and Teresa will constantly remind you of that.

T-Tapp is a blend of traditional strength training (i.e. lunges no weights in these tapes), yoga, ballet/dance, and Pilate's. Linear alignment is very important, as little as a fraction of an inch can really reduce results, and the two instructionals IMO are the key to success. Even advanced exercisers will be challenged if they do T-Tapp correctly at how different the exercises are than anything else, I guess the best I can liken it to is Callanetics; but, it's still way more aerobic than that and there are far less reps (like 40-90 less!).

Stephanie Bridges

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