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Pain-free Posture: Back Care Pilates

Moira Stott

The dvd has different chapters on it so this review is just on the 30min. workout. I didnt find this to be much of any help. The first 15mins. is spent talking about breathing and she moves your body into different positions but you dont really do any pilates moves until the last 15mins. and there are only about 4-5 different moves she does and only a couple reps of each one. I dont see myself ever doing this one again. It just didnt stretch me like I thought it would or give me any kind of a workout. I enjoy Karen Voight's pilates much more for back strengthening and Rodney Yees Back Care Yoga was much better than this also. I would give it a "C" rating.

Instructor comments: She is on the quiet side and gives good form and breathing tips.


Sept. 2, 05'

Moira Stott

This DVD is a remake of the original Ultimate Back Care, and is now classified as Level 2 in the Back Care series. The back care series DVDs aren't intended to be thorough Pilates workouts--they are for rehabilitation and very gentle strengthening. I find this DVD to be an excellent back care program. Moira starts off with a warmup (it's not "just talking"--it explains the principles while keeping you moving) and moves in a progression--this is precisely what is needed for a "problem" back. One thing I wish had been carried over from the original Ultimate Back care is taking the time to talk about safely transitioning between exercises, but the new program keeps things moving more quickly.

Instructor comments: Knowledgable and meticulous. Great attention to form and helping correct/prevent problems.


October 2005

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