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Stott Pilates matwork video series

Moira Stott

The matwork(MW) series is made up of 3 videos: Essential Matwork, Intermediate Matwork and Advanced. Although each of these videos give great instruction, not all are necessary. The Essential MW is very similar to The Methods' Precision Toning, with one exception; Essential has added exercises using the Stott Fitness Circle. This circle provides added resistance to some exercises, but mostly has exercises designed using the circle. They look very effective also, but the price of the circle is normally $69-ouch!

Intermediate MW has more exercises, but again, many of the exercises are taught in the Methods' Precision Toning and Balanced(Target) Zones. Stott's videos are $24 each, while you can find the Methods' videos under $10 dollars. Also, the Stott videos are moreinstructional, than workout format.some of the exercises that are in the Stott videos are: the Roll-up, the Hundred, Rolling like a Ball, single leg stretch, scissors, the Saw, side kicks, the Teaser, Swimming, the Seal and Boomerang.

The Advanced ME is the only one I'd recommend buying from Stott(and no, I don't work for or related to anyone from the Method). The Advanced MW has most of the same exercises as the Intermediate MW, except there is not as much instruction as the previous video(but it is still plenty of enough instruction to learn all the exercises. Some additional exercises that the Advanced MW video offers: Scissors in the air, leg pull front, Rocking, Control Balnce and shoulder bridge.

While I think that all 3 Stott videos are excellent, I think that the Advanced is the only one I'd recommend buying. But before you do buy the Advanced, you need to aquire some of the Methods' videos(Precision Toning and Balanced(Target) Zones). These videos are much more reasonable in price, and offer good instruction for that price.

Instructor comments: Moira is very "dry", but very good instructor. She is not inspiring, but is quite likeable. She gives very good details of each exercise.


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