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Pam Staver

Recently I purchased Spri's Roll Up A Sweat Kid's Ball workout video & ball. I delayed openin git thinking it wouldn't be good, but I popped i the video today and previwed it. The video is 38 minutes long including credits. The instructor is Pam Staver and is the ABC 4 Kidz program. There is a long warm up with stretch at the beginning followed by 3 sections: Sporting Around, Jungle Fever and All New Ball Review followed by a cool down and stretch. The Sporting Around section uses the ball to mimic sprots moves (driving a sports car, hiking, etc.) for 5 or 6 sports with a TIFT repeater... heart rate will climb as this is somewhat aerobic. Jungle Fever mimics 4 different animals but focuses on strengthening the abs/erector spinae (flying eagle, etc.) and arms (push ups). All New Ball Review focuses on abs and legs (definitely targets the hamstrings and abs). Stretch is thorough and calming.

Music is on in the background but is not overly noticeable, although the warm up is more of a pop rap type song. The workout only includes a few standing ball bounces in the warm up (while doing side steps) and the remainder is all ON the ball.

The only "unsafe" moves I saw were riding the wave moves between the sports sections... you ride the ball forward to the ground with the intention of using leg/ab strength to catch yourself before your behind hits the ground. A lack of coordination or too much speed might result in landing on the behind on the ground / floor which might hurt, although the ball does slow momentum down a bit. The other move would be the flying eagle where arms and legs are held out and you are balancing on the ball on your abs. Other than that, it's a pretty safe, fun and effective workout.

Definitely one you might enjoy doing WITH your kid(s) and getting strength improvements yourself! Thumbs up!

Instructor comments: She is very motivating and has a lot of fun with the children, who appear to be ages 7 and up. Video cover says it is targeted for kids ages 6 and up. Video and ball kit is by Spri. (Purchased at TJ Maxx)



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