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Tracey Staehle

Glute Camp:

Tracey begins with squats and balance work. Multiple variations of lunges warm up the entire leg area. The warmup is basic but gets the job done.

With the band around the lower legs, Tracey really works the outer/inner thighs. (you'll feel the burn!) You'll perform squats, deep side steps and plyometric jumps with legs going in and out. Dead lifts on the bosu or step follows. The slow pace will allow for heavier weights here. The next exercise is a low non weighted in and out lunge which will tone the outer hip and glute area. Knee ups into lunges using the step or bosu (with or without added weight) adds a balance challenge. Traditional lunges follow with various counts. Wide stance plie squats work inner thighs. Floor work to really work the glutes is next. Using either the step or bosu, you'll perform various glute raises. Tracey then moves into side lying leg lifts with the band around the lower leg. (an added weight on the working leg adds intensity) Inner thigh work with legs raised, heels together, knees coming down & out to the side is next and this completes the leg work. Tracey includes the bicycle , done with lots of reps, to challenge the core. A nice stretch concludes the workout.

Strictly Upper Body:

Tracey warms the body with simple moves to generate heat and prepare you for the weight work. Back and core work begins the weight section. Tracey does a unique row while holding plank. (modifications are shown if needed) Still working on the back, one armed rows with a down for 2, up for 4 count into a single count follows. Biceps are next. Sitting on the bosu or step, you'll begin with concentration curls. Tracey then stands up to perform various curl movements to continue working the biceps. (Tracey includes some balance work as an additional challenge) Next up is chest. Working on the bosu or bench, you'll perform a one armed bench press to start. Flyes follow with various rep counts. Pushups with one arm rotations are tough. (and this will warm up the triceps which follow) The first tricep exercise is seated kickbacks. Next you'll do an overhead tricep extension followed by another variation of the kickbacks. Shoulders are next. Tracey kneels on the bosu (or bench as an option) to perform front raises with rotations. Tiny raises with pulses will increase the shoulder burn. Ab work is next. Lying on your side on the bosu/bench, you'll raise the legs to work the obliques. Lots of variety to really tone the side of the abs. Upper body stretches conclude this approximately 45 minute workout.

Total Body:

You'll use a medicine ball and a set of light weights in this workout. The warmup uses the med ball to help quickly warm the body. This workout had a functional fitness feel to it. Many of the moves work several body parts at once, thus making it time efficient. The pilates section is led by Jackie. It is very core focused, however you'll see some inner thigh work as well. Barbie leads the yoga/stretch segment. Both Jackie and Barbie were perfect choices for these segments. Their instruction was precise and clear. In only 29 minutes you'll have lightly worked your total body and received a great stretch.

Instructor comments:

Denise R


This is a very versatile tape offering alot of variety. Three main workouts. Upperbody covers the main areas with some low reps using higher weights and high reps using lower weights. Enjoyed it as it was fun.
Glute Camp covers the lower body. Tracey mixes it up abit by incorporating the bosu. Some lying flooe work.
Total Body begins with the med ball, then moves onto pilates and yoga.
The first two workouts clock in around 45mins. which I like. Total Body is just under 30mins.
The premixes is where the variety and value become apparent. It offers 3 premives allowing a choice of 6 programmes from this tape. Thoroughly enjoyed this tape.

Instructor comments:


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