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High Intensity Step Mix 2

Tracey Staehle

Tracey sent me the preview copies to review.

High Intensity Step Mix 2

Tracey takes you through 10 different combinations. 90 minutes total of intense stepping with weight/core training with the stability ball. (Jackie shows lower intensity options throughout) A perfect blend of dancy and athletic choreography, Tracey often incorporates floor combinations within the step. For added intensity, you'll perform intervals between the combo's. The complexity comes down a "notch" in this one, but the "fun factor" is higher. (everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves) Allie shows some very intense options for complex choreography junkies! (so there is something for everyone, from intermediate to very advanced participants) Tracey builds the combos and puts them all together between the intervals. The mixture of floor aerobics, drills, kickbox moves with tradtional (and not so traditional) step prevents boredom. For the ab work you'll continue to use the bench. Lots of variety, you'll work the core from all angles with multiple sets and ranges of motion. Using the stability ball and one set of hand weights, the total body weight section was also big on core work. (lots of focus on core stabilization and oblique work)

The premixes were as follows:

1. All Step-no breakdowns, 16 minutes
2. Intensity Mix-36 minutes
3. HISM 2 Circuit-53 minutes
4. All Abs, 11 minutes

Instructor comments:

Denise R


Enjoyable step workout lasting 70mins. with approx 20 intermediate?low advanced overall conditioning at the end. The first step premix lasts 40mins. It did not feel as intense as HISM1 but put the heart rate monitor on and it was the same intensity in that it burned as many calories. Impaction was more body friendly and modifier is useful for those days when you do not feel like doing it or for some one starting out. Last 30 mins there was no repeating of intervals as there was in the first section. Body conditioning included abs, upper/lower body conditioning involving compund movements on the ball. Body conditioning was fun. Nice tape.

Instructor comments:



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