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High Intensity Step Mix

Tracey Staehle

This workout is very intense and has intricate choreography. Tracey has Linda offer modifications during the routine. It's too complex for me but for those choreography hounds, you may be in for a treat! Alot of the combos (9 total) looked like so much fun. She'll usually run through the combo, do the interval blast then you'll combine the combo's before learning the next. (example after learning combo 2 & then doing interval blast 2, you'll then combine combo's 1 & 2 before learning combo 3) Not a lot of time during breakdown (learning the moves) should keep your heart rate up. Tracey uses a lot of add/repeat in her combos. (you'll start with the first part of the combo, add another part, then repeat the entire combo sequence) Mostly mixed intensity, some combo's do require some space moving forward off your bench. (I believe it was combination #5 where Tracey does a walk over the corner of the bench several steps with a pivot step)

Lots of room to grow with this workout!! (plus with the mixes in this one you'll have many different workout variations to choose from depending on your energy level or time to workout that day)

Denise R


High Intensity Step Mix is my NEW favorite step workout. It is total fun. It is dancier than I'm used to, but now that I've done it from start to finish with only a couple of mess ups, I'm LOVING it. I recognize some tunes from the Hard Core series but there were some new, fun tunes also that I really, really enjoyed. The music and choreography go together nicely. There are a couple of cueing mess ups and on one interval they are off beat, but I just didn't look at the TV and kept time with the music. This kind of thing does not bother me since I will be doing this over and over again. It wasn't as tough as Imax or Imax 3, maybe more like Imax 2, but my heart rate stayed up and I was sweating the entire time. I found the music and the choreography to be ultra motivating. Love this workout!
There is not a lot of breakdown at all in this workout (at least not like I'm used to).
Combo 1
Interval 1
Combo 2
Interval 2
Combo's 1 & 2 strung together a few times
"Learn" combo 3
Interval 3
Combo's 1-3 strung together once
"Learn" combo 4
Interval 4
Combo's 1-4 strung together once
"Learn" combo 5
Interval 5
Combo's 1-5 strung together once
Quick rate of perceived exertion
"Learn" combo 6
Interval 6 (they are off beat here, but it's a very SIMPLE interval choreography wise and you can stay with the music easily)
"Learn" combo 7
Interval 7
Combo's 6-7 strung together once
"Learn" combo 8
Interval 8
Combo's 6-8 strung together once
"Learn" combo 9
Interval 9
Combo's 6-9 strung together once
After "learning" each combo you go right into doing that combo several times. You "learn" them quickly, believe me!
I like that you don't do the same combo 6 times before each interval...each interval is a different length (interval times are shorter than the total time of Imax intervals), so I like the "unpredictableness" of the intervals and the way the combo's are done in between the intervals. I like the uniquness of alot of the choreography and a some of the music is really cool and different. The workout clocks in at right around 65 or 66 minutes with WU & CD.
The following are premixes:
Stretch to Combo's 1-5 & Cool Down (about 36 minutes, includes combo's and intervals)

Stretch to Combo's 6-9 & Cool Down (about 33 minutes, includes combo's and itnervals)

WU to All Step & Cool Down (all the combo's as "taught and strung together in the workout, no intervals and this is about 48 minutes)

WU to All Interals & CD (all the intervals only...about 28.5 minutes)

WU to all Combo's & CD (combo's 1-5 strung together, combo's 6-9 strung togethter, combo's 6-9 strung together, no intervals...about 20 minutes)
Hope that helps!

Yea, I'm totally digging this workout!

Instructor comments: Tracey has a nice, soothing voice. She is very comfortable in front of the camera.

Angela (gogigi)


The music is fantastic. It's got a rock edge to it which I love.

The phrase 'High Intensity' is NOT misused here. This truly is an advanced workout, in the vein of Cathe. But it is definitely doable and you can modify it!

I loved all the step combos and the intervals, and I loved that she didn't spend time breaking it down for the times in the future when I do the workout and don't feel like being taught a routine I already know.

That being said, I gave up around routine 6 when I had already failed to learn an earlier one and couldn't seem to get it. I also was running short on time and decided it would be a good stopping point.

I *will* learn it, and then it will be more fun. I think this is my new favorite step workout.

Instructor comments: Tracey shines in this one. Great presence and enthusiasm. Seems like she's a really nice person. Her form is very good


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