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Self Dance Your Way Slim

Kimberly Spreen

I can't believe they have the nerve to call this a workout. To make it worse I can't believe they have the nerve to call it a dance workout. There wasn't anything dancey about it. It was SOOOOOOOOO repetetive. I mean, about half the workout was just stepping side to side. Some of the combinations were so awkward or done too fast, the stretching side to side & the lower back stretching was just way too fast. Easy way to pull a muscle. There were times, I kid you not, where she just had you standing still IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORKOUT doing something with the shoulders that was a whole lotta nothin'.

This isn't a beginner workout. It's a less than beginner workout. It is so slow, unchallenging, and yet what does move quickly is just innappropriate. (like I mentioned, the fast stretching side to side or the lower back stretches done super fast in the middle of the workout) To add insult to injury, this is almost an hour long !!!

There are positives, sorta. Those are that the setting is really pretty, done outdoors, and that Kimberly cues well.

Other than that there is nothing nice to say about it. It is one of those workouts that, IMHO, qualifies as crap. Craptastic. Craptacular.

Instructor comments: Kimberly Spreen cues well, is enthusiastic, and has a killer body.



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