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Spinervals Competition 19.0 - Bending Crank Arms

Troy Jacobson

Total Time:60 mins

Of the newly released Spinervals this one is my favorite and I'm sure I'm not alone!!! It is rated as a 9.8 out of 10 in intensity. First off, if anyone had or has knee issues I would never recommend this workout to them because you really are grinding the gears (Tension 5/Big Gear 11 & 12) and doing about 570 squats if you keep up with everyone. I've only done this workout once and from the best of my knowledge here is the run down:

Warm up then the traditional 3 x 30 secs (Big Gear 15)
Off bike :
30 second squats (as many squats you can do within 30 seconds using dumbbells or not. Goal is to do 25-30 squats)
90 sec ISO squat (drop the dumbbells)
30 Sec rest/stretch then repeat 2 times

On Bike:
5 min Tempo effort (Tension 5/Big Gear 11)

Off Bike:
45 Second squats (with dumbbells aiming for 40-45 squats)
60 Second ISO squats
30 Sec rest/stretch then repeat 2 times

On Bike:
5 x 1 min (Tension 5/Big Gear 12)
1 min off ? (It might be 30 secs off)

Off Bike:
60 Second Squats
45 Second ISO Squats
30 Sec rest/stretch then repeat 2 times

On Bike:
5 x 30 seconds (Tension 5/Big Gear 12)
1 min recovery

Off Bike:
90 Second Squats (it might be only 60 but I really can't remember)
30 Second ISO Squats
30 Sec rest/stretch then repeat 1 time

The time goes by so fast it's incredible. My legs were shaking like I was doing a Cathe Leg workout but I hung in there. I used 5# dumbbells for this workout and was surprised the next day I could walk. It's not aerobically challenging in my opinion but more of a leg & mental toughness challenge. You do work hard but it's not high intensity intervals. Hope that makes sense. When I use light gear and go super fast my HR is through the roof but when I do high tension and low cadence it usually stays at around 70-75% of my MHR. Chris C. explains the reason in his Train Right-Climbing workout.

CT is superb in this workout! He is there motivating me just at the time I want to fall over and quit. The athletes are sensational and it's so inspiring to see top notch professional triathletes working just as hard as you. I can't comment on the music because I was so busy concentrating on the workout but I know there was music. If you want a tough leg strengthening workout on the bike/trainer or liked Uphill Grind or Big Gear Strength, then this is a must have. Keep them coming CT!

Instructor comments:


If you want a killer leg workout on and off the bike, this video is for you! My legs burned during this workout and I didn't even use weights! My heart rate was also up there during the bike sets.

The setting is at a rock climbing wall with climbers in the background. Very colorful. One big guy in the front (Mike) seems to really be suffering towards the end and Coach Troy pushes him even more. He also gives some funny comments during the rests.

On the bikes sets are as follows:

3x30 sec. on Big Ring 15
5 min. tempo
5x1 min. tempo
5x30 sec. sprint

In between each set squats with weights followed by iso squats are inserted. Coach Troy encourages you to do as many squats in 30 seconds as you can. This leads right into an iso squat. Towards the end this is very, very hard.

Instructor comments:

Andrea Lynn


Length: 61 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 9.8
Type: Strength

The format:
~ 6 minute warm-up including 3x30
~ Squats - 3 x 30 seconds plus 45 second iso-squat w/ 30 sec rest
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 minute tempo BR/12
~ Squats - 3 x 45 seconds plus 1 minute iso-squat w/ 30 sec rest
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 x 1 minute tempo w/ 1 minute rest - BR/12
~ Squats - 3 x 60 seconds plus 30 second iso-squat w/ 30 sec rest
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 x 30 sec Sprint with 1 min rest - 20 sec seated 10 sec standing
~ Squats - 1 x 60 seconds plus 1 minute iso-squat
~ 6 minute cool down

This is another good strength workout from Coach Troy. It is actually pretty different than 11.0 Big Gear Strength. You spend a lot more time off the bike doing squats, and the squats sections are killer. I just cannot all of the iso-squats, and I wonder if I ever will be able to, unless I work them into my weekly rotations more regularly.

If you want to work on your bike-specific leg strength, this workout is definitely worthy of owning. It includes the music off option which I really appreciate in the newer Spinervals.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C


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