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Yoga & Pilates Total Body Toner

Louise Solomon

To think I almost didn't buy this DVD. This one came out of the cheapie bin at Ross.

This is a very slow, but challenging workout, broken into 4 sections. The first is about 25 minutes of abs and pelvic floor. This is very good, because the Pilates core doesn't start with the abs, its base is in the pelvic floor. She really leads you into contracting and controlling the breath and connecting it to the pelvic muscles. (You might not see results, but you SO will appreciate it. *wink*). The second section focuses on upper body and it's about 15 minutes. You're still working your abs during this. This section has some moves that are a little like Callan, a little Pilates and some yoga. Excellent focus on spinal alignment. The third section works the lower body for 15 minutes. Again, very slow and relaxed, but quite challenging. The final section is a 25 minute full body toner.

You won't break a sweat, but the muscles worked are fully challenged. You are going slow, so momentum isn't giving you any help at all. She is exceedingly calm and detailed. You absolutely know if you should be inhaling or exhaling - which may seem trivial but it's essential in Pilates and Yoga. In fact, I think this workout will help students of both greatly improve their form when using other videos.

The set is pure white, but entirely appropriate. You can clearly see both Louise and all the background exercisers. The camera is always right were it needs to be so you can clearly see the motion. There is always one person doing an easier modification.

The instructor is calm, British and soothing. I think I'll be doing this as my bedtime stretch - it's that relaxing. It also does a very nice job working the muscles, but I found it very, very soothing.


July 2004

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