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The Athletic Yoga Workout

Maureen Solomon

I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years now. I have taken classes on Ashtanga, Hatha and Power and Iyengar Yoga. With that in mind this Yoga Session was not impressive. Maureen's cuing is minimal, the asanas do not flow in the manner that they are put together, and her form is not good. I have read on the VF Forum comments on this DVD and honestly gave it a try. I previewed the workout, was not impressed but decided to give it a chance. I figured I would be listening to her not looking at her during the workout. Did not help.

Maureen has different names for the asanas but they are "do-able". Warriors I and II, and Wounded Warrior a new one for me, Plank, Down-dog, Chaturanga, Utkatasana, Bikram's triangle and regular triangle pose, side angle pose from which you then move into half moon, revolved triangle pose, and a different warrior where you pull you one arm back 10 times. I saw no benefit to that and interrupted the "flow" of the workout. Just when I started to sweat and get into my own rythm of the flow we went to the floor (forward bend and boat poses) then the workout ended. I

After completing this workout I felt cheated so I put in another yoga DVD and did a short practice to feel as if I completed my practice. I will probably keep this DVD for the Abs section but as far as the yoga, I have better tapes and CDs. As stated before good thing it was inexpensive.

Instructor comments: Maureen Solomon comes across in this DVD as a great fitness instructor, as far as the Yoga instructor part, she is lacking. The T-Roller abs part of this DVD is well taught and looks like a great workout with or without the T-Roller.

Maria M.Welters

I loved this video! I was initially attracted
to this video because of the use of the T-Roller for spinal work. As a Physical Therapist, it was refreshing to see the elimination of incredibly inappropriate as well as contraindicated positions such as shoulder stances and the plow, just because they are part of a sequence. I have treated many Yoga instructors with bad necks and backs DUE to Yoga, and I feel like this is the first Yoga instructor I have watched that actually had a scientific
degree, understood the concept of eliminating injurous
forces and presented a solid and safe yoga workout...They are not all safe and I don't care if the Yoga is 3000 years old. If it hurts, I don't want to do it!
I was actually bummed that there was not
more of the T-roller work, since that
portion was really strong. All in all, great video and very challenging! Hope to see a another
video with more T roller work!

Instructor comments: I work in Physical Therapy as well and Maureen's background as a PTA was definitely evident in her presentation. She is strong, confident and lovely to watch. Her intelligence
and physical ability is undeniable and very inspiring.

uspect that she is a very good instructor as well as a

james savage

Here’s one I’m really trying to like, but having a hard time doing so. This is an intense power yoga workout that leaves you feeling very worked out and relaxed at the end. So what’s my problem? I cannot get more than 31 minutes into it because of the EXTREME repetition. At about 25 minutes, I’m bored to tears. After 31, I just can’t take the monotony any more. And there are some other annoyances. Maureen Solomon keeps telling you to “gather up/breathe in a million stars.” During this workout, you will gather up/breathe in a million stars about a million times. Also, it sounds like she’s saying “chaturanda” instead of “chaturanga,” which bugs me. Despite my dislike so far, I am keeping this DVD for at least awhile longer. I think I SHOULD like this – after all, it’s a challenging, upper-intermediate/advanced power yoga workout, which is what I want. So, even though I’ve done (most of it) 3 times now without growing to like it, I’ll try again. I have not done the T-Roller section, which is 15 minutes of core work lying on a foam roller. It looks really good, though, and I’ve ordered a roller. Maybe, if nothing else, I’ll keep the DVD for that piece of it. Grade A for toughness and C for likeability.

Annie S.

After all all i heard about this dvd, I just had to see for my self! I guess what they say is true..any publicity is good publicity...made me go out and get it! Glad I did! I thought the workout was challenging, nicely paced and perfect for me!
I did not have a problem with The repetition, since it took me about 3 trys to actually get it. I give Maureen alot of credit for introducing the foam roller..I have yet to see it in a workout anywhere, and her presentation of it is very good.
I did not have a foam roller when I got the video..used a tightly rolled up Yoga Mat, which worked okay. I have since purchased the foam roller and love it. I do many of the exercises every day. Seem to be helping an old gymnastic injury to my back. Like I said, I was not exposed to the T-roller before, but I am sure that this will be the start of its use in these videos. Way more productive than a Yoga block!

Instructor comments: I think Maureen is a great instructor! She has good presence and is very strong. Good Workout, nice to look at. T- Roller work for posture is awesome. Could have used more. Definitely not traditional. Yoga purists will not like it...crosstrainers WILL!

britnei johnson


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