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KI Aerobics: Karate Integrated Aerobics

Master Satien Snellen and Carole Wood

Like another reviewer, this video set changed my life. I was assaulted last Xmas (by a family member, no less) and went into a deep depression. I got the Collage catalog in the mail and ordered KI Aerobics. It was the best thing that I could have done for myself. The tapes are big self-confidence builders and although the routines are not hard, they are effective cardio workouts that never get boring no matter how many times I do them. I became an exercise video junkie as a result of these tapes. But enough about me...

The first tape shows various attack/self-defense situations - no exercises. I like this tape because it showed people of various ages in very different threatening situations. The second and third tapes have low-impact and high-impact routines that demonstrate various self-defense moves and drill them into your head. Screen insets show the attack/defense situation even while you are doing the aerobics. Although I'm an advanced exerciser, I prefer the low-impact routine (I modify it by jogging instead of marching). Don't get me wrong, the high impact routine is good, too. The choreography is basic, but interesting. There is good interplay between Carol and her two assistants and they show both high-intensity and low-intensity modifications for several moves, even the cooldown/stretch. I was able to do these videos even after I threw my back out.

I would highly recommend these tapes to anyone who wants to practice some self defense techniques and get an excellent cardio workout.

Instructor comments: Excellent all around. Choreography, instruction, camerawork, music - all excellent. I look forward to getting other tapes by them.

Jackie D.

This is a great intermediate workout. Not only are you burning calories you are also learning self defense moves. I have become more confident after using this videos. The moves really work!! ( I know, I practice them on my husband) It's a good workout to have if you are interested in martial arts based moves. My only complaint is I wished they would put both workouts on the same tape so you don't have to stop between the 2 tapes if you want to do both workouts. I would definately recommend this video!

Instructor comments: I love the instructors in this video!! Carol seems to have a great personality and makes you want to workout with her. Even the 2 girls in the background look like they are having fun.


I can not stress the importance or the greatness of this video enough. This is a terrific video to teach self defense. It's a great workout. I like to do both for an hour of cardio but on days when I only want a 30 minute workout it works too. This video is fun, you can get into it, and you know you are making yourself stronger and able to defend yourself. I recommend this video to everyone and it is well worth the money. I did see it at totale for 24.97. YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!!

Instructor comments: She has terrific cueing and makes this tape really enjoyable. She is motivating and upbeat and seems to be having fun. She isn't fake or overly happy either. She is a fantastic instructor who I wish would make more videos. I would definately buy them.


This is a three video set. The first video is a demonstration of danger situations and the appropriate self-defense moves for those situations, shown from several angles. The second and third tapes are complete aerobics workouts, with warm-up, stretch, workout, cooldown (rather short) and stretch. Both are approximately 30minutes long. The second video is a low impact workout, while the third video is higher impact. In both workouts, the moves presented in the demonstration tape are integrated (thus the title!) into aerobic paterns, while at various times a clip from the demonstration video is shown in the lower corner.

I really enjoy these two workouts, and usually do them together to make a 50-minute session (excluding the cooldown from tape 2 and the warmup from tape 3). Done this way, I get a good, intermediate-level workout, but can also work on putting more power into the moves, kicking higher, etc., to make a more intense workout. I highly recommend the set of tapes, and can't wait for the next in the series (which I hope will include a 60-minute workout).

Instructor comments: The instructor for the aerobics portion of this video is very personable and energetic-someone you would like to have in your home. The woman who demonstrates the moves in self-defense situations is appropriately serious and tough.

Kathryn Bulver

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