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Easy Aerobics (Buns of Steel series)

Greg Smithy

I began exercising with this video. I'm obese (started at 250 lbs) and this video was an excellent starting place as the workout was easy. (I've outgrown it now). I would recommend it for anyone who's been very sedentary. As well, the class are mixed in age (the oldest is 70) and varied in fitness level (some exercise at a lighter level and are less flexible than others). The moves are safe. The introduction includes introductions by cast members and their varied reasons for exercising. (There are too many commercials at the start.) It's 30 minutes and can easily be squeezed in a day.

However, there's a number of factors that may be outputting to some. Firstly, the set is very plain (unlike newer videos that often have attractive sets like Kathy Smith's March to Fitness or Firm Basics.)

As well, many of Greg's comments are rather silly. He comments he can see you, "well, not really" and tells you "you're so smart, touch the smart part" (head). As well, at one point, you salute and he starts singing "you're in the fitness army now". I don't mind his goofiness but understand some people might find it grating. As well, several women seem to be "playing to the camera" (would-be actresses hoping to be discovered perhaps?).

Nevertheless it's a good starting place, especially for a beginner who's very unfit, has not been active and/or is overweight/obese.

A real 60s "retread" who I some may find rather effeminate. Some of his comments can be rather goofy. At the end, he gives his list of foods to avoid and eat. (His recommendations are common sense and well known to many who've struggled with weight.)

Anne MacL


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