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Step Formula Workshop Symmfit Systems

Rebecca Small

Contrary to popular belief this DVD really is a workout and not just a teaching workshop. Rebecca does all her teaching while you're doing the combos. There is one background exerciser who continues doing the moves whenever Rebecca stops to explain something.

There are 3 sections of 3 combos each, 20-28 min per section, total 71 minutes. The 3 combos are TIFTTed at the end of each section.

The pace is definitely slower than her other workouts (about 128 bpm) with much less complexity. I would consider it low intensity, intermediate in complexity. It would be a good introduction to Rebecca for those who are afraid of more advanced choreography. She spends a lot of time layering, with only small changes between each layer, so choreo hounds could find it repetitive.

The Symmfit title refers to Rebecca's symmetrical bulding system. You do every move on both sides while building the combos so one side never feels overworked, and you don't have to rely on tap steps to change the lead leg.

The music is the same soundtrack she used for Step Mechanic. (I love it.)

The set is the concrete warehouse one Evolution has used the last few years. The lighting makes a purple background, with blue sunflowers on the screens.

Instructor comments: Rebecca is an excellent teacher and cuer. She has a pleasant personality and voice with an Australian accent.

Pam L


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