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Lean At Last Abs, Arms, Back

I bought this video two or three years ago because I thought Angela Basset's arms were amazing in "What's Love Got To Do With It". I would have been satisfied with just half of the muscles she had in the film. To that end, this video is effective. However, it's like taking medicine. It is so boring that I have to make myself do it. Since David wants us to work "smarter not harder", the reps are really slow. A person does feel the muscle being worked when the reps are done this way but on video, I just think it doesn't sell. The music is instrumental not pulsating. So that doesn't help. But I guess if he used Dynamix type music, it would be too fast for the pace of his reps. Also the girl he teaches is like a Stepford wife. She just smiles and that's it. She never says anything. I think it would have been better if David chose someone that he can laugh and have fun with. Then the video would have been more enjoyable. But maybe that's just not the type of personality he has. Maybe he is really a "serious" instructor so it wouldn't have mattered who he chose.

There is no warm-up or cooldown. The back exercises are rows, stiff-legged deadlifts, one-arm rows, and shrugs. The arm exercises are curls, lying triceps press, concentration curl, and kickbacks. The abdominal exercises are seated knee raises, combo crunches, and kickouts. You could go really heavy on the weights because of the speed of the w.o.

Instructor comments: Sincere but very dry. There needs to be more of a rapport with his "client".

Helen Stephens

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