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Ultimate Stretch-Kundalini Yoga

Ravi Singh & Ana Brett

I love this DVD. I do it mostly at night. It is not like most hatha yoga classes. Kundalini Yoga is a very active, specific type of yoga. It is for your chakras. Here is the description.
1. Tuning In
2. Mudra meditation. Alternating between nervous and calm. (I like this one)
3. Spinal warm-up.
4. sitting, standing stretches
5. Sat Nam Kriya (I love this one, I try to do it on a regular basis)
6. upward bow doing the breath of fire for 3 minutes. (This is extremely hard, so you can modify with bridge)
7. plow pose.
8. relaxation
9. mantra meditation Guru Ram Das
I have only one complaint. I don't like the music for the mantra meditation, probably because I don't like reggae music. And it's hard to follow the melody with this version. If you want to pop in another CD for the meditation, may I suggest Sada Sat Kaur- Guru Guru Ram Das on Angels Waltz CD; or The Circle of Light CD; or you can go to, gurbani mp3 files and download a song that you like. I like anything by Snatam Kaur.
All Kundalini classes end with the "Long Time Sun" song. This DVD doesn't end with this but you can add it if you like. The words are: May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you. Guide your way on. 2x End with a long Sat and a short almost silent Nam. Sat Nam is pronounced like But Mom.

Instructor comments: Ravi is giving instruction off camera.



As an artist there are times when I am subjected to creative blocks, feeling insurmountable walls keeping me from realizing my own potential. To eliminate this blockage I became focused on kundalini flexibility kriyas. After all, a flexible spine is a flexible mind. Normally, I had been doing Ravi Singh's and Ana Brett's Warrior Workout, a set which I love. However, after acquainting myself with their new DVD, For Beginners and Beyond, which has a great spinal set followed by a brilliant reworking of the Five Tibetan Rites, I decided to go back and do their Ultimate Stretch Workout. The results were amazing.
The breathing exercise at the beginning to enhance one's nerves of steel, the standing flexibility sequence, and the complete bodily zenith which occurs during the wheel pose has given me a whole new level of energy and insight.
I have tried several flexibility sets by other kundalini yoga instructors and this clearly surpasses them all.This set not only produces a strong and toned body but what I believe to be a true raising of kundalini energy. After performing this sequence my ability to think clearly, multi-task, and have an optimistic mental focus is unparalleled.
I purchased this DVD several months ago and it has taken me that long to realize this workout is the greatest yoga DVD on the market. If you want enhanced flexibility, a true sensation of personal strength and power as well as mental agility, this DVD is for you.
Ravi and Ana's knowledge of how long to hold a pose and arrange a complex sequence is so amazing that the Ultimate Stretch Workout should actually be renamed the Ultimate Yoga DVD.

Instructor comments: The combination of Ana Bretts strong and graceful demonstration and Mr. Singhs explanations were just perfect.

Damon Zex, Filmmaker

Feb. 5, 2006

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