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Navel Power - Kundalini Yoga

Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Yet another workout I tried and quickly traded. I found this to be a rather unusual yoga DVD, unlike most others Iíve tried. It wasnít even similar to Mantra Girl, which is the only other Kundalini Iíve seen. There are some good abdominal sequences in this over-an-hour yoga practice. There are also lots of segments in which you do the breath of fire, or meditate. Some of the abdominal work was more Pilates-based, in my opinion, than yoga.

I like Jonathan Urlaís Yogilates 2 because itís a relatively good blend of yoga and Pilates (more Pilates than yoga, IMO). Navel Power seemed to go back and forth between ab work and yoga. Lots of breath work and meditation interspersed with Pilates-ish exercises. I know nothing about Kundalini, so maybe this is Kundalini yoga. But it just didnít work for me. I didnít like alternating between the ab work and breathing/meditation. Itís a rather long workout (over an hour) and I just didnít have the patience for it. I was wishing I could do either yoga or ab work, or that they meshed better (Baron Baptisteís Core Power comes to mind).

Some people have had seen changes in their abdominals with this workout, but I think if youíre looking for an ab workout, or great yoga, this isnít the best example of either (or fusion of both). The DVD is broken into chapters so you can skip around, but there isnít a way to just do the ab sequences and skip all the breathing and other movements.

I tend to prefer yoga in which poses are held for a while, and ab work that moves more slowly. I think someone who likes Kundalini (breath of fire, meditation sequences interspersed with movement) might enjoy this, or someone who likes to focus on breath and motion.

Instructor comments: This workout is just Ana by herself onscreen following Raviís voiceover instruction. Ana Brettís outfit has been described as looking like underwear, but I kept thinking it looked comfortable so I didnít mind. Raviís voice is pleasant and his instructions are clear.



I have to disagree with the reviewer who did not like the Navel Power DVD. I have a feeling she is just not a yoga person. She mentioned some of it being pilates like...well where does she think Joseph Pilates got a lot of his moves? Yoga! I personally do not like the type lof 6-pack look that non yoga ab workouts produce. I like the strong nicely shaped natural abs that yoga workouts like this produce. And & Ravi's DVD's are consistently good and this one is no exception. This type of yoga will take you out of the familiar yoga you may know. You will recognize some hatha moves, but there is always something added, like special breath techniques and movement. You may be surprized at how cardio these kundalini yoga workouts can be. It is an amazing combo of cardio and spiritual that leaves me buzzing and feeling happy for a couple days every time I do it. The moves are simple but not necessarily easy if your navel power was weak like mine when I began(after having twins!) I think the breath is what makes these navel exercises so effective. Form is also so important to really make any ab work effective and imitating Ana's form(at least trying too!) has helped me a lot. I am already seeing some change and have just ordered 4 more for gifts.

Instructor comments: Ana is onscreen and Ravi off. Ravi has a very pleasing voice and his instruction is perfect and poetic.
Ana is very toned and athletic. She is grace and strength personified.

Diana Cardin


Someone with pretty admirable abs recommended this one to me. It so happened I was already aquainted with Ana Brett's & Ravi Singhs DVD's but had never heard of Navel Power. If you are looking for a different direction, I highly recommend it. It is quite different from "regular" yoga or "regular" abs work. It really toasts my abs though, and I find it much more enjoyable than other ab workouts!

Instructor comments: Ana Brett is very fluid. I understood and learned much by watching her. Ravi Singhs expanation gave depth and meaning to even basic movments.



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