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Dr. Yoga House Call

Ana Brett, Ravi Singh

NOTE:  I received a free review copy of this DVD from the web site

Dr. Yoga House Call is one of the latest offerings from the husband/wife team
of Ravi Singh/Ana Brett. In the same style as their previous videos, House
Call features Ana alone on screen, practicing on a small rug in an all-white
room, while she and Ravi take turns providing voiceover instruction. You'll
recognize some of the music and yoga sequences from their previous videos, but
there's plenty that's brand new here as well.

Like its sister video, Yoga Quick Fixes, Dr. Yoga House Call has over 3 hours
of footage, which provides wonderful variety but can feel a bit overwhelming.
The Main Menu offers the following options:

*Play DVD
*Tune In
*Breath Primer
*Energy Warm-Ups (14 minutes)
*Dr. Yoga Remedy Options
*Dr. Yoga Quick Sets
*Deep Relaxation
*3 Amazing Meditations
*Closing Prayer

The Main Menu leads to several sub-menus as described below.
Dr. Yoga Remedy Options:
Fertility & Potency (10m), Bye Bye Back Pain (11m), Strong Bones & Muscle Tone
(13m), Anti-Arthritis (9m), Heart Helper (12m), Breast Cancer Prevention (4m),
Immune Invigorator (7m), Brain Booster (13m), Eagle Eyes (10m), Inflammation
Relief (6m)
Dr. Yoga Quick Sets:
Move Your Energy Move Your Life! (10m), Flexible & Free (16m), Strong as Steel
(13m), Health & Happiness (16m), Kundalini Yoga Superset (34m)
3 Amazing Meditations
Amazing Minute Breath (6m), So Darshan Chakra Kriya (3.5m), Sa-Ta-Na-Ma
Meditation (14m) [These same meditation sequences also appear on Ravi and
Ana's other new release, Dr. Yoga House Call.]

As you can see, House Calls offers sets designed to address more chronic
conditions--unlike Quick Fixes, which focuses on more common, transient
issues. I also found the practices on House Call to be more active than on
Quick Fixes, including more use of Breath of Fire and more arm movements,
which made the practices feel pretty challenging at times.

If you are a die-hard Ana/Ravi fan, you will probably want to add both this
DVD and Quick Fixes to your collection. However, if (like myself) you are more
of a dabbler in Kundalini Yoga, you may prefer Quick Fixes, which in my
opinion contained practices that were more generalizable as well as a bit less

In summary, this is a well-done, well-produced DVD of energizing Kundalini
yoga practices.

Beth C (aka toaster)

May 1, 2009

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