Video Fitness

Kickbutt Kickbox Combos

Greg Sims

This was surprisingly fun, a hidden gem. I had never ordered from IFTA before but I'm glad I did.

This is pre-Greg Twombley, so it's got that homemade video feel with the sound being slightly muffled. The set is as stark and cramped as it gets.

In this 35-minute workout, Greg leads you through a few combos comprised of very basic kickboxing moves. But with the number of reps and upping of speed, you end up getting a pretty good workout intensity wise.

The warmup has no stretches; it's basically kicks and punches done half-time. He teaches each component of a combo then puts them together. Combos that I recall off the top of my head include side-left lift, roundhouse, cross-jab to the side, front knee raise, front kick and four alternating punches. He also does a lot of variations on blocks--front elbow block, side elbow block, and blocks with downward thrusts or upward thrusts.

I got a decent high-intermediate workout and a healthy appreciation of Greg's splendid physique!

Instructor comments: Very mellow, which some may feel is not ideal for a "kickbutt" workout. But sometimes that's just what I want--a low-key instructor, not a boot camp sergeant. The cuing wasn't spot on here, but it didn't really need to be because you follow along and pick up on the very basic kickbox moves.

He's wry and self-deprecating, yet motivating, too. He sometimes does the technique ala Andre Houle where he turns his back to pretend he's an exerciser right in front of you, but that tends to be more confusing than helpful to someone used to mirror cueing.

It's just a hoot when he takes off his shirt to bare his torso in all its sculpted, hairless glory!



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