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Cardio Stack Core Attack

Greg Sims

It's brand new. Really good quality. I'm already getting good results. I love it.

Instructor comments: He's down to earth, has a great speaking voice, fun, and has creative ideas!



This dvd really rocks! I am doing exercises that I've never seen before. He is really innovative - but it it so athletic that anyone can do it. Be prepared - this one makes you work. The set is nice, the music is great. He and the back-ups look really nice. He's in perfect shape.
Greg has a good way about him - I think you all will want to get this one. Your peronal workouts, group classes, PT clients, anyone - can do it and get good results.
The content is Athletic moves, Tubing, some Kickbox, great core moves. Just what I need. Thank you Greg Sims!

Instructor comments: Very impressive. He is a great cuer and full of personality. In really great shape. Very likeable.
I just purchased all 5 of the "Body Reconstruction series". It is a new dvd series with Greg Sims and Jeff Borden.



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