Video Fitness

Classic Cardio Revisited

Jeff Borden and Greg Sims

The set and music is CIA. The workout is solid intermediate in intensity and choreography. The most complicated it gets is when you chasse from side to side and are encouraged to "turn" your second chasse. "If you want to," is what Greg keeps saying.

Jeff does the warmup, which is really the first combo. It's low-impact aerobics with V-steps, pivot walks, mambos, hamstrings etc. Very basic but well constructed. Greg follows with chasses, hops, jazz squares. Then Jeff again and then Greg again. Ponies and jacks are as high-impact as it gets. This is truly a "meat and potatoes" hi-lo workout, but the meat and potatoes are of solid quality. Nothing fancy or innovative in terms of choreography but what is there is well-done. A nice moderate-level workout for days when you don't want to think TOO hard or work out to ultra intensity, but aren't having a rest day, either.

Instructor comments: This was my first experience with Jeff and Greg. I think it's the beginning of a lovely relationship!

Jeff is very inspiring. I'm only 35, but I hope to be as energetic and fit as he is when I'm silver-haired!
Greg is very mellow and has a wry sense of humor. Both have a very pleasant and easygoing approach to the workout, which makes it seem more like a fun hour rather than a "do-or-die" session. They are thoroughly professional in their cueing and execution.



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