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Love To Stretch

This video, Richard is alone, but there is a big TV screen to the side that plays a rehersal of Richard with the band. The band is excellent. It played "Just The Two Of Us", "Lean On Me", "Slow Hand", "Endless Love", and "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". These were never favorites of mine, but the singers sounded better than the original songs I heard in the 70's. Richard is wearing a black sequined top and shows you the muscle groups you will be stretching and goes quickly into a short warm-up. The warmup was effective, without being too long. It was just right. Then you use the "Stretchin' Strap" to stretch your upper body, then lower. This video has more for the upper body than many stretch videos I have tried. Many of the stretches are just ordinary, but Richard kept me smiling. The whole video is 23 minutes. Some of the areas he said you would stretch, I didn't see or feel a stretch for; that would be the stomach and shins. However, my legs ached before I did the video, and I only felt the normal soreness after a hard weight workout, when I was done. I thought the video was very good for a short stretch routine. I give it an A-.

Instructor comments: Richard's personality shines through, as usual, in this video. He is great. He says a few corny lines that only he can pull off. That is what I like about him. He can make an ordinary stretch workout more fun.

Lorrie Gigler

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