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Disco Sweat

I just received this video with an assortment of other Richard Simmons workout stuff. I found that this was the only item that I can't use efficiantly. As a matter of fact, I was so frustrated that I turned it off and didn't do any workout with it what so ever.

The problem is the choreography. It changes constantly and is way to complicated to keep up. Each set of steps only lasts less than a minute, and just when I'm starting to get in the rhythm, they change to something else. Frustrating.

As I was watching it, I thought that Richard must have been a Broadway dancer in another life. I don't think I'll be wasting my workout time with trying to follow it anymore...although the music is catchy, so I guess I'll keep playing it. I just won't turn on the picture.


Let's dance! Some of the best disco tunes of the past come together in this very fun and dancey low-impact video. "Disco Sweat" is a refreshing alternative to those boring, lifeless calisthenic-type videos.- You know the ones: too many reps of uninteresting moves that do nothing but get the heart rate up and perhaps layer on a little muscle.-This video, in addition to helping tone muscle, will improve balance, coordination, and rhythm.

The movements are just complex enough and change often enough, with a low rate of repetition, so that the work-out does not become a bore. The movements and music blend to create a feeling of drama that serve as an emotional outlet for stress. Great for people in very responsible, high stress occupations.

Warning! The learning curve is steep up front and Richard will not "hold your hand" by excessive verbal cueing. The theme of this theatrical production is to bring a New York disco into your living room. Once you master the learning curve and realize that you must learn to cue off changes in rhythm and timing in the music, you will be glad that your "dance session" is not constantly interrupted by verbal cues or "time out" to explain the moves.

One feature that I particularly liked, is that the dancers in this video were normal looking people of all shapes and sizes. What tied them all together was not physical appearance, but the qualities of rhythm, balance,and a love of movement expressed through dance.

This video has heart and soul. It does not have to rely on Barbie Doll "cheesecake" to make it interesting.

Ann M. Casto

I bought Disco Sweat because I love the music and heard Richard Simmons was easy to follow. I intended to do about 1/3 of the tape, because I'm just starting out, but I did the whole 60 some minute workout! I sweated but did not get sickly. I enjoyed the music, but I was a little annoyed when he would sing along. Some of the exercise steps I didn't know, but with time, I'm sure I'll learn it. Overall, I liked it and will use it every other day, the days I'm not in Jazzercise.

Instructor comments: OK I'll be honest. Richard Simmons gets on my nerves a lot because of his voice and mannerisms. However, in this video he did not annoy me as much. He was encouraging as well, which is important to me.

Stephanie Mojica

I haven't done this video in years and I should probably put it on the exchange. I purchased it because I thought I would like the music. And I was right, the music is great.

I think its the kind of workout that lots of people would like - espcecially people who enjoy dancing. I, however, found the choreography too difficult and gave up. I could never catch on to "the pony". I think that others may really enjoy this tape, though - even if you cant get the choreography, you might just enjoy dancing along in your own way to the party on the set. But the thing that keeps me motivated while exercising is feeling good and strong and getting into it while I'm working out. That's why I prefer non-dancy "athletic" choreography like in Kathy Smith tapes.

The end of this tape has a very long, intense abdominal section. I found it pretty difficult - couldn't get all the way through it, but loved the sore feeling in my abs the next day.


Richard Simmons is a little goofy, but he still seems so caring and motivating!


I bought this video because I knew I would love the music and I know how encourging Richard Simmons can be. I was compleatly dissapointed. It was so frustrating. It was impossable to follow, and it made my knees hurt. I know if I worked at it for a while it would get easier but I have no desire to try. I felt that Richard Simmons was so into the dance and the music that he didn't care about the people using the video. I got no encourgement from it at all. I feel like it was a huge waste of money.

Linda Moore


This is another fun workout that I can’t do. (What an opening to a review!)

This was my very first Richard Simmons workout. The production is great, the music is fun and the “cast” is having a good time. Sadly, Richard has an eccentric way of cueing (or, NOT cueing) that I couldn’t follow.

Now, I knew about his lack of cueing going in. But - I live in hope. I have weeded out most of the workouts that highlight my choreography-following ineptitude. Once in a while I give dancy stuff another try...

There is a nice warm-up, long cardio section, and an abs section that was harder that I would have expected. And a long cool-down stretch.

This workout would be great if you have a high tolerance for just winging it on your own. But, I figure , if I’m just going to do my own thing, I may as well use my music with original artists . And not feel like a klutz! I will send Richard to a new home where he will be appreciated.

Instructor comments: I like Richard. The King of Motivation. I wish he cued better.



aside from the original sweatin to the Oldies, Disco sweat is my favorite Richard Simmons video of all time. the music is alot fo fun...the class is just great and really bring the energy level up...the sweat is pouring off of me and, for a beginner video - I still get an amazing workout out of it.

I love the way that Richard Simmons can take really basic, easy to follow moves, and make you feel like you have been dancing for an hour. I never finish this video with a frwon on my face - it is far too much fun for that!

If you are looking for a fun, theme workout. This one is awesome...just be sure you're ready to boogie!

Cori (ziggy2306)

February 28, 2004

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