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Thin Thighs Guaranteed

Debbie Siebers

This is a nice short video for the thighs. It clocks in around 8 minutes. You are expected to do your own warmup before you start the video.

Twelve exercises are done for 45 seconds each.

Exercise 1 - Squats with alternating front kicks
Exercise 2 - Reverse Lunge with a knee up on the left side
Exercise 3- Reverse Lunge with a knee up on the right side
Exercise 4 - Static Lunge (Left Side)
Exercise 5- Static Lunge (Right Side)
Exercise 6 - Squats with alternating Rear Leg Lifts
Exercise 7 - Standing Leg Curls (Left Leg)
Exercise 8 - Standing Leg Curls (Right Leg)
Exercise 9 - Sqhats with alternating side leg lifts
Exercise 10 - Cross-over lunges (alternating sides)
Exercise 11 - Curtsy lunge (alternating sides)
Exercise 12 - Plie squats

That\'s it. I really like this one and believe I\'ll use it often.

Instructor comments: Again, Debbie designs a winner routine.



I was lucky enough to find a Si6 2-DVD set at a used book sale for just $3!  Although I had previously tried several of the Slim Series workouts and had found them to be somewhat boring, being the vidiot that I am, I couldn't pass up such a great deal. ;)  Plus, I was still curious Si6 as VFers tend to rave about these workouts.

The set I purchased came with this workout as a bonus.  It was actual a nice little surprise:  it is a 10-minute, lower body only workout--and as a nice additional change of pace, it's filmed on the beach rather than the studio like Debbie's other workouts.  Here Debbie performs each exercise for just 45 seconds before moving on to the next one (there is still the usual ticker on the side of the screen counting down).  She is working out with two background exercisers, one of whom shows modifications.

The exercises are as follows:

*Squats with front kicks
*Reverse lunges with knee-ups (repeat both sides)
*Static lunges (repeat both sides)
*Squats with rear leg lifts
*Standing hamstring curl (repeat both sides)
*Squat with alternating side lift
*Alternating cross-over front lunges
*Alternating curtsy lunge
*Plie squat (bonus)

Despite the short length of the workout, Debbie moves at a measured, unhurried pace throughout.  There is no warm-up or cool-down included with this workout; it is intended as an add-on, and that's exactly how I plan to use it.

Beth C (aka toaster)


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