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This workout is an underrated gem! I know I have read that many who get the Si6 DVDs just skip this workout. Well, I like it a lot for those days when I am just not up to anything intense, but want more than a Leslie video. The pace is very moderate - even slow. But you can concentrate on balance and form.

I am an intermediate exerciser. Due to some health issues, I had been using more ďlight dayĒ workouts. I am so glad I have this! It is also great for those hot summer days when you donít want to do anything tough.

Here is a chapter breakdown of the DVD:

1.1 Opening 0:10
1.2 Introduction 0:13
1.3 Warm-up 1:00 (5:15)
1.4 Plie phase 6:15 (3:08)
1.5 Lunge phase 9:24 (3:21)
1.6 Plie phase 12:46 (3:05)
1.7 Standing Ab Work 15:51 (1:36)
1.8 Squat phase 17:26 (4:16)
1.9 Standing Ab Work 21:44 (1:43)
1.10 Hamstrings 23:26 (2:28)
1.11 Water/towel break 23:51 (0:31)
1.12 Resistance bands 26:26 (11:37)
1.13 Push-ups 38:03 (1:32)
1.14 Crunches 39:35 (3:05)
1.15 Stretch 42:40 (4:05)
1.16 Yoga 46:46 (7:06)

I really enjoy the standing ab work. I find it more effective than ab work on the floor. (Maybe because I actually do it!) I do the floor abs section on my resistance ball.

(I usually skip the yoga section. The yoga instruction in any of the BeachBody videos is lame and lacking. I like to do the 14 minute Slim & Limber stretch found on the same DVD.)

Instructor comments: Debbie has a friendly and encouraging personality. Her great smile and good sense of humor keep things moving. She is very fit!



This video is the first in the Slim in 6 series. The version I have is an hour long, but apparently new customers will be getting a revised version that is only half an hour. I will be reviewing the longer one.

This workout is a lower-body-focused strength program. Like all productions it features the workout in a main screen, with a graph up the side that counts down the sections and with clocks that show the time left in the current chapter and in the workout as a whole. It also has a message bar along the bottom of the screen that will show occasional form pointers or little remarks. If you have seen other productions (or the 8-Minute Abs/Arms/Buns/Legs series, or the Push System by Bobby Strom) you will be familiar with this layout.

Debbie leads two exercisers through the routine. Both of them do the lower body sections with now eights and use bands for the upper body work. Debbie does not show any modifications with weights and one of the exercises would be difficult to do with weights. The first chapter is a short warm-up that uses basic foot patterns and arm moves. I found the arm work pleasantly tiring as I am not used to doing that sort of endurance work for the arms. The warm-up was followed by several sections of leg work: squats,. Lunges, that sort of thing. These are done in long sets which are broken up by short sections of standing oblique work such as knee-ups.

Following the lower body, there is a band section for the upper body. It was not very comprehensive. You do a back exercise by itself, then a giant set that works one side of the body at a time, doing shoulder presses, biceps curls and triceps presses. You repeat that section to work the other side of the body. Following this, there is a short ab section, then a stretch. The dvd also includes the level 2 workout (Ramp it Up) and a bonus abs and stretch routine.

I had previously enjoyed Power 90, but I found this series harder to get into. The clock can be distracting in such a long workout (I found it easier to focus on the section clock and ignore the workout-as-a-whole clock) and I found that while Power 90 over-worked the upper body and did not work the lower body enough, this workout was the exact opposite. Lots of lower body, not enough upper body. I also think the suggested rotation of doing this every day is overkill. I did it every other day and was just fine. I do think it is an excellent lower body tape that would be good for people who donít like using weights for that.

I donít think I would last six weeks with this set (I am doing two-week rotations this year and when my two weeks with this series was up, I was ready to move on). But if you like this sort of workout, it would definitely be a good routine.

Instructor comments:



I am writing the review for the shortened version of this workout. Loads of people have reviewed the 50-some minute version, but not so many this newly shortened one. I have never tried, nor seen, the longer version so I don't really know how different they are. I imagine many of the moves are the same though.

This video is done completely without any sort of resistance. There are basic moves like plies, squats, knee-ups, lots of arm movement (which kills, btw), ab work and a pathetic excuse for a stretch.

I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the shorter version - or how effective it would be - but I really do. I find myself looking forward to it and really love Debbie Siebers.

The workout is meant to be a start off to the Slim in 6 program and is a good way to get yourself into the groove again. The movements are bvery basic, but they do get the heartrate up there and start the sweat pouring. Best of all - I do not experience any pain in my knees from any of the movements. Debbie is an awesome cuer and it is really easy to follow along. Be a preview - the tape may appear really easy, but the number of reps that she employs really gets you feeling the burn.

From another review, I saw that the stretch/yoga section was 7 minutes or so...this videos stretch/yoga section is a mere 2 minutes and does not even come close to being a real stretch. I have to say that this is the part of the workout I really hate. I am a firm believer in a good stretch to relieve soreness and this video is seriously lacking. I did find that by adding on Slim and Limber after doing this tape - I can escape the feeling that I didn't get a good stretch. I also found that that only brings the total workout time to around 40 minutes (not too bad, really).

I do recommend this workout, though - you will feel it...just be sure to add on a stretch afterwards.

Instructor comments: I really like Debbie. She has a wonderfully warm personality and it really comes across in her instruction. She is also a marvelous cuer and for some sick and twisted reason - I still come back, even though she kills me.

Cori (ziggy2306)

February 24, 2004

I am reviewing the 24 minute Start It Up workout. First of all, I am restarting after a year-long break due to a difficult pregnancy. So, I am an advanved exerciser in a beginners body!

What I did NOT like about the workout -
1. There was no stretch at the end. Two yoga poses is not enough. I think this is a major oversight for a beginners video.
2. Debbie cues as she is doing the move so I was always playing catch up. Not a huge deal since the moves are so simple but still frustrating.
3. Debbie does not mirror image cue. When she says right she means her right, your left. Major pet peeve of mine.
4. Personally I felt the lunges could have been slowed down just a tad. I've done them before so didn't wobble but they would be difficult for someone who has never done them before.

What I did like about the workout.
1. It was short and to the point. Good leg workout in a short amount of time. I was very sore afterward - could barely walk for 3 days!

All in all, I didn't like the workout very much. It is only intended to be used a few times to get familiar with the SI6 routine before moving on and that is a good thing because I don't see myself ever using it again.

Instructor comments: Debbie is very encouraging, stresses the importance of going at your own pace - very likeable.



I was lucky enough to find a Si6 2-DVD set at a used book sale for just $3!  Although I had previously tried several of the Slim Series workouts and had found them to be somewhat boring, being the vidiot that I am, I couldn't pass up such a great deal. ;)  Plus, I was still curious Si6 as VFers tend to rave about these workouts.

Slim in 6 is filmed in the same indoor studio as Slim Series.  As with all Beach Body workouts, there is a countdown clock showing you exactly how much time is left in the workout; a sidebar also ticks off as each chapter is completed.  The music can be somewhat strident and annoying, but luckily, there is a "music off" option.  Debbie works out with two background exercisers, Sherry and Stef.  Debbie does not mirror cue, and she sometimes counts reps unevenly from side-to-side.  However, she does frequently show modifications for the exercises.

Start It Up! is just under 25 minutes long [note: apparently, there is also a "long" version of this workout that is closer to an hour], and it is the ideal place to start for beginners. The entire workout is performed using only body weight. The main emphasis is on the lower body, with plies, lunges, and squats, although Debbie adds arm movements and standing abs work as well.

The exercises are as follows:

Warm-Up, 5m
Plie phase, 2.5m (add upper body moves)
Alternating reverse lunge, 3m (add biceps)
Plie phase, 2m
Standing abs, 1.5m (reaches & side crunches)
Squat phase, 4m (medium, narrow, & wide stance)
Push-ups on knees, 1.5m
Abs, 3m (reverse crunch, obliques, crunch)
Stretch, 1m

I liked this workout more than I had expected.  Although it's probably mainly intended for beginners/those just starting out (hence the title!), it is surprisingly challenging, even without the use of resistance (I was in my target HR zone for about 15 minutes).  I consider myself to be an advanced intermediate exerciser, and I think I might use this workout as a lower body add-on in the future.

Instructor Comments:  Debbie is friendly and quite perky--she can be a bit TOO perky, although she isn't over-the-top.  She can be a little off-the-beat with her counting though, which may bother some people.

Beth C (aka toaster)


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