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Slim in 6 Pack

Debbie Siebers

This 10 minute "bonus" tape from the Slim in Six series is a well choreographed ab routine that hits the abs from every angle. Its just Debbie and her two students, Tracy and Greg, exercising along with you in an amber-lit hardwood floor studio for 10 solid minutes of ab work. There's soft rock guitar instrumental music in the background to help you keep the pace while Debbie cues you through the routine. All moves are done in a controlled, focused count -- no jerking, neck-straining, or unsafe moves that I (or my sensitive lower back) noticed.

Like other Beach Body productions, it has the countdown clock on the screen, as well as an audible "beep" at specific time intervals for position changes. Its not distracting but probably unnecessary as Debbie cues precisely and all transitions are super smooth. Sound quality is very good -- none of the "boom-box-stuck-in-a-corner" sound that plagues so many otherwise excellent video workouts. Here are the approximately 17 different moves and the sequence they were performed in:

reverse crunches
slow, traditional crunches
tight pulses at the top
rt. leg crunch/leg extension
double time rt. leg extension
oblique rt. leg extension
double time of same
repeat entire sequence left leg
rt. leg straight leg crunch
double time
reaching through pulses
oblique crunch
oblique crunch reverse curl
repeat sequence other leg
tight pulses
upper/lower crunch w/ tight pulses

After 10 minutes of non-stop work you're done. There's no cooldown or stretch but its still a solid program and a great "ad

Instructor comments: Calm and thoughtful, Debbie only talks to instruct -- no jokes, filler chatter, or long pauses. She and her students are obviously working hard as you can hear some exhaling with each


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