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Weight Watchers: Step and Sculpt

Aileen Sheron

This is a beginner level step video that incorporates some toning exercises using weights between stepping segments. For instance you work on a set of stepping moves and build a short routine, then you stop and grab some weights and do bicep curl as you step to the top of the platform and a bicep curl as you step down from the platform. The sculpting exercises pretty much concentrate on the upper body with the exception of some plies at the end. The sculpting moves are somewhat quick so you canít go very heavy with the weight you choose. You can modify up the whole routine up by increasing the height of the step and increasing the weights you use. The stepping is low-impact and the beginning of the tape gives an introduction on how to step up and down from the platform. Again, I found this to be a good introduction to stepping, and use it from time to time because of the low-impact focus and also because I like some of the music in it. Even though I am no longer a beginner, I still use the tape as it is a good tape to get back into exercise or when recovering from a joint injury.

Instructor comments: Aileen Sheron is pleasant, but only gives a few pointers on form in the workout. She does have good form and is very encouraging.

Lisa Kucharski

I found this video on sale and decided to give it a try because Joan Boadway had mentioned several times that the Weight Watchers Aerobics video was one of her favorites (I also bought this one). I am very out of shape at the moment and I really enjoyed both the workout and the instructor. The toning segments alternate with the stepping segments and I was never bored. She includes some fun arm movements (snake arms is my favorite) but the choreography remains basic and the whole video is really great for a beginner or a re-starter. Maryan, Paris


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