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Beth Shaw

Since this video had already broken down in excellent form (search the forum in General Topics) I'll just give my overall opinions of the workout. I liked it a lot, but it isn't one I'll love. I liked the music & instructor, but some of the pace was a bit fast to have good form. Beth does say "use your perfect pace" often to remind us it is our workout, so I go slower when it doesn't feel right.

The workout is only about 75% yoga, and 25% unique glute exercises with a few standard ab exercises thrown in. It all was enough for me to feel, but not enough to see major changes. Some moves were challenging, and I did feel a workout in my glutes, but it wasn't like I'd feel after doing a Firm tape. That is OK, since I didn't expect this when I bought it.

I did feel that I got a decent stretch and overall workout. At first, it took a while to get used to her saying "butt-ball" which made me snicker, but the rest of the routine flowed well, except too fast for me in places. I'd rate it a B+.

Instructor comments: Beth is very good about keeping a fairly soft tone while leading you through the workout. She gives modification tips, and encourages you to do them by reminding us we'll get stronger and can do the full pose then.


July 20, 2002

I thought this was a great workout. It's fast-paced at times, but it really toasted my muscles (esp my rear end).

I would recommend it.

Instructor comments: Nice and likeable. Speaks in a hushed voice - which kind of got on my nerves, and talked way too much about "mind-body", which also gets on my nerves, but I tend to mostly expect that with Yoga workouts.

One major thing: Wish she wouldn't call the ball the "butt ball". Just sounds really hideous.



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