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YogaFit Ultra

Beth Shaw

Katie Pearson & Kristin Mabry assist Beth in this advanced level workout. The workout is chaptered as follows:

*Warming up & Sun Salutations
*Power YogaFit
*Play All
*Bonus Features: Essence, Breathing, Spa


White background, very minimal set.


Beth performs the Warmup segment. Her warmups are always fluid and utilize lots of lower body movements (the lower body has large muscles which generate more energy). Katie continues to warm you up with a Sun Salutation sequence. She gradually ups the speed, building the intensity as she goes. Next is the Power Yoga segment. She begins with the breath taking several deep breaths and continues through active mountain pose. Sun flow into sunflowers continue to increase blood flow. This is done at a slow pace

Everything is performed deliberate and meticulous utilizing longer holds. The flow is steady but not fast (allowing the participant to gain more strength and power and allow a more intermediate level student to follow along with the class). With careful instruction, int/advanced students will enjoy this strong flow sequence, balancing postures (including crow) and floor stretches. Katie also trains the core with some additional abdominal exercises on the mat. Several difficult poses are included in this practice. The next chapter is Work and Katie continues with the instruction. Lots of detail to the breath & instruction, you'll perform some more challenging sequences. (advanced students will enjoy the diversity) The final chapter, Cooldown, is demonstrated by Kristin. She begins with moon and performs what seems to be "choreographed sequences" that flow from one to the next. The stretches are often shown with advanced options, such as a full split or a deeper pigeon.

This practice is truly for advanced participants. (intermediate students should be able to follow the warmups, sun salutations and the power yogafit and work their way up to the more advanced segments).

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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