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The Power of Low with Beth Canno-Shields

"The Power of Low" (another one of Shaped 2 Fit's aerobic instructor training videos) is just what it says: low impact aerobics. Low impact is not to be confused, however, with low intensity. The instructor,Beth Canno-Shields, always shows varying ways to imcrease intensity throughout the tape.

"The Power of Low" is made up of an instructor (Canno-Shields) and three female participants in a club setting. Because this is a training video, the production quality is not excellent, but it is certainly fine for home use. The instructor faces the camera throughout the tape.

Canno-Shields starts out with an "active warmup," which is a series of patterns that she continually builds upon, using add-on choreography. These patterns include grapevines, mambos, v-steps...etc. Nothing too unusual, but the way they are put together makes them fun. She breaks the patterns down very well so it is easy to follow. Her "aerobic" section is a continuation of the active warmup, but she "weaves" the patterns already learned into different combinations. FUN! Again, none of the moves are too complicated, but just a lot of fun in the way they are put together. I like the way Canno-Shields uses the room (ie: takes a move that she did facing front and then does it to the side and then to the rear of the room). It does require some space, but it could be modified if your space is small.

The music is standard aerobic music...kinda disco-y, 70's and 80's music ("shake your groove thang,""love shack," etc). I liked the music, but then that's my era! Very upbeat and easy to move to.

The only thing that is a bit strange about this tape is that after about 20 minutes of aerobics, it stops for a few seconds and then comes back on...I don't know if they had some problems with taping or what, but at first I thought it was a break for the cooldown. It wasn't. It really wasn't a distraction though, just a little wierd.

I really enjoyed this tape and think others will as well. It is definitely not dancey...just good, fun choreography. I got a very good workout with it as well. The entire tape runs approximately 45-50 minutes of straight aerobics. No floorwork.

Instructor comments: Beth Canno-Shields is an excellent instructor: she's clear, concise, motivating and fun! I really enjoy her choreography and the way she presents it. She also looks like she enjoy what she's doing, which is a motivator in itself. Her cueing is right on and she always shows good form. She's one of my favorites!


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