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Brad Schoenfeld

Look Great Naked (set)

I recently received this 3 video set and since there's not much info or mention of these videos here, I thought I would write a review (and this is also my first review here for VF) in case anyone might be interested.

These videos are based off of the book "Look Great Naked" by Brad Schoenfeld. They focus on women's lower body which are the abs, butt, and thighs and per Brad, these are women's most troublesome areas. Each tape covers one body part and are based on Brad's "High Energy" concept which means it will burn bodyfat as well as tone & strengthen. Each tape consist of 3 giant sets total (1 giant set equals performing 3 different exercises one right after another with no rest in between). For instance, on the abs tape, the 1st giant set consists of one exercise for upper abs, one for lower abs and one for the obliques. The theme is the same for all 3 tapes. The exercises focuses on "toning" to give you "a sleek, firm appearance instead of bulk", which is what most women want for their lower bodies.

Here are the exercises for this tape:

Workout 1 = 1 giant set
1. Regular crunch
2. Reverse curls
3. Jack Knives
Workout 2
1. Toe touches
2. Bicycle
3. Reverse trunk twist
Workout 3
1. Long arm crunch
2. Hip raise
3. Twisting Crunch

All exercises are performed in 3 sets with 15 reps each. Although some of the exercises are standard, they are performed in a somewhat different way which makes them very interesting. Time really threw by and I was not bored at all. Each tape is 55 minutes long, but you can easily break down each tape by performing just one workout per body part making the workout a total of 45 minutes. For those who are bothered by "sexy appearance" comments, Brad does mention on several occasions that "if you want to look sexy naked, you gotta work for it" and "if you want to wear that sexy midriff top, you gotta have great looking obliques" type of comments which might put some people off. Also the women performing the exercises are kinda robotic like and they do not smile at all, they just kinda look like they were programed to perform the exercises with no emotions. These were the only negatives I can find. I think you can easily overlook these couple of things and get a really nice workout.

All in all, I really like these tapes and look forward to doing them and I think I will definitely see results with consistant use. I am also planning on getting the book to complement the tapes. As mentioned above, time just flies by when doing these exercises and you can increase the intensity by adding heavier weights. These tapes are geared for all fitness levels.

Linda P.

Out of all the Look Good Naked DVD's, I liked this one the least. Because it's just so slow. For the first 3 exercises, you do the upper abs, lower abs and obliques. You do 15 reps for each exercise except for obliques where you do 30 reps. You take a 30 minute rest in between sets and stretch your abs. Some of the models hold a dumbbell on their chest for ab work. But not on their ankles.

Then you move to the next set of exercises for the abs. Focusing on upper, lower and obliques. Brad mentions that doing abs slower is the way to go and that people don't know how to work their abs.

Finally, you do the last 3 giant sets for the abs. I didn't really feel that much burn in my abs because it's so slow and you rest alot in between sets.

The music is the same as the other Look Great naked DVD's.

Their are 4 workout models that are very fit like they could be on the cover of Shape magazine. All but one have belly button piercings and some have tattoo's. One girl has big breast implants.

The set is a bright condo with a fireplace on one side and kitchen table on the other side. There are stairs that go up so you really feel like it's a home setting. It's not a cheap looking DVD. I thought it was well made but I just don't like at how slow the ab workout went.

Instructor comments: No-nonsense kind of teaching. Like a true personal trainer. He looks like a young Kirk Douglas and is wearing all black for all 3 of his Look Great naked DVD's. He also makes comments about form and also how this exercise will make you look great naked. He said in the DVD that he has been using this routine for 12 years on his clients. He refers to the background models as "girls".

Mandy Lee

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