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You Can Do Pilates

Leslie Sansone

This is one of several introductions to pilates that are out there for beginners. I like the way the dvd is set up- an instructional segment, the main workout and a challnge workout which uses a dynaband to complete the same moves as in the main workout. Leslie has selected some very basic moves for this workout. Execpt the most beginner of beginners, there won't be a move an exerciser can't do. Most pilates tapes have a few moves that take some practice to do, but not here. And there aren't many moves at all- the main routine takes only about 10 minutes.

The routine itself is a nice short routine that would be a great add on for beginners after a cardio session, though I do wish it had some stretches after the pilates work. The downside is Leslie. Her breezy, silly and often irrelevant banter is better suited to her basic cardio workouts when she has her fellow walkers to interact with. In this she's one on one and and she talks nonstop but not always with comments or pointers that would help with the workout. I almost got the impression that Leslie went to a few weekend workshops to learn some pilates basics so that she too could put out a tape on this very trendy exercise method. Her form isn't that good in some points and she doesn't get at all into pilates concepts, like Moira Stott, Michelle Dozois or Mari Winsor do. This is a decent short routine for beginners, but I would recommend teaming it with one of Moira's, Mari's or Michelle's beginner programs as well to learn better form, the concepts behind pilates and to have a few moves that take some working up to. Leslie should stick to the basic, encouraging cardio programs she is known for. Her forays into toning and now pilates have been disappoointing.

I'm not one of her big fans- I find her chattiness annoying and occassionally condescending and I prefer more complicatted aerobic routines- but I do think she is an outstanding cardio instructor for beginners.

Instructor comments: Leslie is chatty, encouraging and offers modifications. For anyone familiar with pilates, they'll notice that Leslie doesn't always use good form and she doesn't pay much attention to the finer points of pilates concepts, like breathing. She does however include modifications and encourages exercisers to go at their own pace.


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