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Walk Slim: Four Fast Miles

Leslie Sansone

et: Looks like a high school auditorium stage
Exercisers: 7 background exercisers. Two to Leslie's left show all low impact.
Length: 50 minutes.
Intensity: Solid intermediate
Format: Interval, mostly low impact.

What can I say? I fell in love with this workout instantly. I can hardly wait to do it again. It is FUN FUN FUN from the music which starts with "New Attitude" and ends with James Brown's "I Feel Good" to the intervals in between which are all to the same song "Everybody". Leslie changes it up a LOT in this workout, including lunges to the side (similar to what you'd do off the side of the step), pendulums, etc. The 3 minute intervals start and end with a fast walk forward and back and in between are all done at a jogging pace. This feels alot like good ol-fashioned floor aerobics and was a blast. I was grinning from ear to ear. There are 5 interval cycles and the time FLIES by. Leslie's daughter Marie is in this one. She is such a sweetheart - so much like her mom. Leslie introduces everyone during the cooldown and the love between Leslie and her daughter will bring tears to your eyes. (well, it did mine!) Her niece is also in this one. I really could endlessly gush about how much fun this one is, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say its my new favorite Leslie. She hit it out of the ballpark with this one, and its everything I was hoping for!!

Instructor comments: I love Leslie. She is great in this workout: funny, relaxed, having fun. This is my favorite Leslie workout so far!!

Peggy T.

I love Leslie Sansone and one of my favorite and most used workouts is her older 3 mile power walk with the hand weights. So, when I saw this one, I was really excited to try it.

Although it is rated advanced, I'd rate it more as beginner to advanced. It is advanced for a Leslie , but anyfitnes level can do this one with the proper mofifications, up or down.

In this walk, Lesie takes her basic steps but then adds in intervals where you pick up the pace and then the music increases and you boost your walk. This is to raise the heart rate and then she brings the heart rate back down for a rest before the next "boost" The boosted walks are really jogging and Leslie comes right and and says it.

I enjoyed the music, especially the James Brown, "I Feel Good."

The choreoraphy is basic Leslie but she kicks it up. For the intervals she jogs and also swings the legs side to side in a pendulum move. This is probably the most high impact move in the workout, and ofcourse, you could modify.

This would also work well on the rebounder.

I would say the level of intensity would be based on your fitness level. I consider myself high intermediate/advanced so although I enjoyed the workout, I did not sweat but I did feel my heart rate rise. Next time, I may do it on the rebounder. If you are a beginner, this may be more challenging.

This is the perfect low impact aerobic workout for anyone who just does not like complicated choreography. You will get out of this one what you put into it. You can definately kick it up a notch by holding hand weights, making vigorous arm movements, etc. etc. Or - if the boosted intervals are too much, you definately can just walk in place and build up to it.

Sometimes I find Leslie too hyper and have had to trade a couple of her workouts because I was too distracted by her. However, although she is her usual bubbly self and chatty, this one doesn't bother me. I smiled the entire time I was working out.

This is a keeper for those days I want a steady state workout, need to rest from higher intensity workouts or just want to move and have fun.

My workout also came with the 1 mile jog DVD. This is 15 min of Leslie jogging and I did it on the rebounder. I would use this a an add on or warmup. Also on the 1 mile Jog Leslie does 15 min of lying inner and outer thigh raises with the band.

Oh, one more thing. Leslie looks absolutely beautiful in these workouts. She has that healthy glow which is motivation enough to keep exercising.

Instructor comments: energetic, motivational, a bit chatty, fun, like working out with an old friend.

Robin F. a/k/a Bebop


This workout is part of Leslie's Walk Slim set. I have the whole set and had this one sitting on my shelf for ages un-used, feeling like I would never be able to sit through four long miles of Leslie. People kept telling me this one was different and I would like it; I kept ignoring them. I am sorry I did---when I finally pulled this one off my shelf to evaluate it before maybe trading, I loved it and was sorry I had waited so long.

This workout is an interval workout, which Leslie seems to be doing more of these days. Following each walking section, she adds in a section of 'boosted walking' aka jogging. Leslie seems afraid of using the j-word, but that's what it is. For each jogging section, Leslie eases you in with ever-faster walking, then jogs where you move back and forth (which is easier on the knees) then full-on jogging with some variations. The 'boosted' sections are fairly short, but they happen regularly and help the time pass quickly.

This is a really great workout for the more intermediate exerciser, and if you give it your all during the walking parts, you will get a great workout even if you are more advanced. I am so happy I tried this; and so sorry I waited this long! I recommend this one.

Instructor comments: Leslie is a long-time favourite of mine and I have many of her workouts. I always enjoy a good Leslie routine!



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