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Walk Off Weight

I consider myself a high intermediate and wanted something versatile and low impact to recover from fracturing my tailbone when ice skating. This video is so versatile, I can't imagine why it wouldn't work at any level. For beginners, the simple choreography and relative low intensity make it a safe and reasonable choice. Besides the work out is seperated into three sections, so you can do any of them individually or together and customize your aerobics. Intermediates and advanced exercisers can get a welcome impact break and still walk four miles. I also find that it works well as warm up for strength training, or a section or two for resistance recovery. This probably isn't the choice for you if you like your instructors straight forward. Leslie is chatty and giggly. The first segment )(the warm up) has Leslie alone, and her bubbly style seems really weird without others to play off of it. Leslie's work out buddies throughout the remainder smile along with her, but don't seem particularly inspired. The music is just there. Also, the choreography is (painfully) simple. As a skater and dancer, I prefer a little more sass and style, but the low learning curve on this serves its purpose: it works for a wider range of fitness levels and appeals to more people than dancey-schmancey programs tend to. To be honest, I actually do like this tape, its not the first one I usually grab, but it is one I find I can consistently use, no matter my mood or how I feel, or my time constraints. I'd recommend it.

Instructor comments: Leslie is very bubbly and perky. She giggles alot. She is also very friendly and motivating. Seems like a genuinely nice person. Cueing is ususally good, and even when she's off, it isn't so bad because the workout is so simple.



This video is extremely basic. Not only are the individual steps simple, but they aren't put into combos at all. You do one step and then go back to a march then do another step and then go back to a march. And each time you do a certain step, the arm motion is the same. I mention this because this repetition can be boring. What makes it interesting is the fact that it is a long workout- the equivalent of 4 miles. That keeps it interesting and challenging for beginners and low intermediates. The aerobics are divided into three sections, so you could break up the workout to make it shorter if you choose, or to use as a warm-up or cool down. Leslie is a very warm and friendly instructor. I wish this work out had more variety (even with its basic steps). Well produced. The segments make it easy for a beginner to customize the workout length for their needs/abilities and gives them something to build up to. A good choice for beginners or intermediates who want a long, low impact video.

Instructor comments: Leslie is very encouraging and friendly. She cues fairly well, but has trouble staying on the beat, though.

lal vanbrock

I really like this video. I'm not a very well coordinated individual so I often get discouraged when I try to do these work out videos. It was very difficult for me to learn all of the steps. With this program I didn't have that problem at all. I found that even when I didn't really want to excercise I put this video in anyway because it was very simple and I could easily shorten it if I wanted to. It did eventually get a little boring but not so much so that I stopped using it. I bought several more of her videos and I'm enjoying them very much. The addition of hand weights makes a big difference. I would recommend this video to anyone who needs a simple but effective workout.

selena reed

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