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Walk & Firm Fat Burner

Leslie Sansone

The facts: 5 minutes each warmup and cooldown stretch, 20 minutes alternating strength and aerobic intervals. Subtitled "2 Mile In-Home Walking." Beginner level. Leslie, all by herself in t-shirt and leggings, leads alternating segments of very simple, repeated aerobic steps with strength exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls. She wears weighted gloves throughout the workout, however, she suggests substituting 1 or 2 pound dumbells (I used soup cans). During the aerobic section her hands are kept on her hips.

This is the first video I used when I started working out about 6 weeks ago. It's definitely for sedentary beginners. The beautiful thing about this video, though, is that it's so easy, and Leslie is so likeable, that I could never come up with a reason to blow off exercise. After a few weeks I couldn't pump my arms high enough to make this a decent workout, but by then I was hooked. And in just those few weeks, I saw improvement to my energy level, balance, and coordination (not to mention my thighs) that gave me the confidence to tackle other videos.

I highly recommend this video to folks who have had trouble establishing the exercise habit.

Instructor comments: Very encouraging, down-to-earth and friendly.

June Hathaway-Vigor

COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Again Leslie is her normal chatty self in the video, but it's just you and her one-on-one so it's kind of nice. Always non-intimidating in her approach to fitness and again if you can't do a move, she tells you to drop the 1 lb hand weights or weighted gloves and just do the moves or hands at your sides.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This is an approximately 35 minute long video which alternates between walking and strength training moves. While the music is typical for a walking video and I enjoyed it, the workout itself never got my heart rate up at all and I'm 19 weeks pregnant so that doesn't take a lot. I prefer Walk-N-Tone much more for a shorter 2 mile video that utilizes resistance training.

Stephanie Bridges

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