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Walk Express Walk Strong

Leslie Sansone

This is the second workout Leslie put out which has this title. The first one was a circuit workout alternating walking sections with weight training sections. This one is similar, except that it uses the stretchie band instead of weights. I enjoyed it a lot. I like Leslie and I enjoy having the chance to work some actual toning into her walking program, especially because I seem to be finding weight training workouts harder to gear up for these days. Somehow, getting it in small doses with Leslie seems less onerous to me. Leslie picks a good mix of exercises too, including biceps curls and rows. The triceps work with the band was surprisingly challenging. I donít think a workout like this would be suitable if you are looking for hard-core strength training, because it gives you the strength stuff in such short little sections scattered throughout, but for me, it is perfect right now. My only complaint would be that sometimes it is a bit annoying to get into the groove with the cardio, then be expected to come to a complete stop to set up the strength moves. But, I think that complaint would hold true for any circuit workout of this type. Overall, I am just delighted with this routine, and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it.

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