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Leslie Sansone

Leslie leads this walk with several others from her other walks. This is a FAST 1 mile absolute favorite 1 mile..I'd like a 2 mile this fast. There is really no warmup or hit play and hit the floor running so to speak. It's brisk with walking in place then side steps, hamstrings (kickbacks), knee lifts, kicks, side step/2 side steps.

the music seems sorta latin to me and very fast in comparison to her wap set I tried first.

A beginner may find this pace a little difficult at first, but she doesn't use weights and she doesn't use the walk away belt either which was strange to me since it's an add on to the wap abs set. An intermediate/advanced exerciser may like it as an add-on. I sometimes add it on after an outside walk or to warm up before another tape.

Instructor comments: Chatty, comments about looking good in a bikini..only for feeling better! As usual, she leads the 'walk' but talks to you and the other exercisers with her

Susanna (smith938)


Leslie walks with Mary Kay, Linda, Randy, Jo, Kat, Tracy, and Wendy. Leslie wears black while everyone else is wearing grey pants and purple shirts. They do not use the belt.

This is the fastest one-mile tape she's ever done. Fifteen minutes of heart-pumping cardio. No warm up or cooldown.

Leslie is so excited she doesn't know what to do with herself. She moves from the front of the room to the back, talking nonstop. She never takes a breath. When she isn't speaking she's singing "la la la la la".

At one point she yells "There's nothing like energy coming out of your face". It makes no sense and makes me laugh every time.

If you love Leslie - get this tape. If you don't like Leslie - avoid it at all costs. This is amped-up, super-charged, someone-spiked-her-Wheaties Leslie.

I thought it was a blast!

Instructor comments: Super-charged Leslie!


September 12, 2005

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