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Walk at Home 5 Day Slim Down

Leslie Sansone

I like this DVD. I've never been a big user of Leslie DVDs. I got a few off the SASE list when I was recovering from a sprained ankle a few years ago, but got back to FIRM and other things as soon as possible. Well, now that I'm pregnant everything has changed. FIRMing gets my heart rate up too high, and I barely have the energy to walk to the car. It's hard to believe I worked out for 45 to 65 minutes daily just last month!

This is a great, easily modified workout of 5 miles. Right now I've done up to two miles, and it's got the classic Leslie kicks, side steps, knee up and walking in place I remember. She also uses some sculpting balls, for which I subbed my FIRM cardio sculpting balls. I get a short workout with high rep/low weight sculpting in about 30 minutes, which is all I can handle.

The music is non-offensive, the set is nice and bright, and I think I recognize the 2 mile walk from an earlier release, but I'm not sure. Whether it's a re-release or not, this is a great DVD to have around, and it will make a nice complement to the prenatal yoga and minimal weight work I'll be doing for the next 7 months.


Instructor comments: Leslie is her usual chipper self.



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