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Walk Aerobics - 2 Mile Walk

Leslie Sansone

Leslie and six other women are working out in a large airy room with an ocean scene in the background. The ladies are Leslie's "weight loss success stories" and some of them are also instructors, including Donna and Lucia.

This video covers two miles in 25 minutes, with the meter popping up every quarter mile. I found this very inspiring - I like to see every bit of progress I'm making throughout the course of a workout.

Leslie uses her basic steps but also adds some new ones. Grapevines, side steps up and back, kickbacks with her hand touching her toe in the back combined with knee lifts touching her toe in the front. This workout really moves and has lots of variety.

After the two mile mark she does some squats with abduction, a little more walking to cool down, and then some stretches.

I highly recommend this video to anyone who likes Leslie but would like more variety in the steps.

Instructor comments: This workout was filmed seven weeks after the birth of Leslie's third child. She looks great!


October 2, 2005

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