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Leslie Sansone's Variety Pack

(includes Walk Jog, Walk Yoga, and Walk Kick)

review below is of Walk Jog only

If you like Leslie Sansone's walking tapes, but wished she had one where she kicked it up a notch, then this is the video for you. This is an interval-style workout consisting of Leslie's usual walk steps and kicks and lunges done at a very brisk pace, with 4 two-minute jogging intervals sprinkled
throughout. To keep you from getting bored during the jogging intervals, Leslie has you do a fun skip move and a side leg lift move also. She is joined in the tape by 4 of her walk-leaders. One of them doesn't jog, but stays low-impact throughout the workout. I am an intermediate-advanced exerciser and this tape got my heart rate up without any complex moves (I am also choreographically challenged!) The tape is 30 minutes long, and is the equivalent of walking/jogging 2 1/2 miles. Now if only Leslie would make a tape like this that runs 45 minutes to an hour, I would really be happy!

Instructor comments: As always, Leslie is very encouraging in this video.

April 22, 2002

I am an intermediate exerciser recovering from illness so I needed something less intense than Cathe/FIRM etc. Leslie's Walk Away the Pounds videos have been perfect for me. Walk & Jog is the hardest with several jogging sections. Walk & Kick is fun and easy to follow. Walk Yoga was ok, not my favorite (in fact, I have traded it away). All the workouts are about 30 minutes from start to cool down.

These are in LP mode so the picture isn't super clear. The set is a bit dark. And I had to turn the volume up as the sound is low. The music is nondescript. Still, I like them and will be doing them (along with the other WAP videos) a lot while I recover. And it is easy enough to up the intensity by doing higher kicks, etc. If you like Leslie already, you ought to like them.

Instructor comments: Leslie is her usual chatty self. Encouraging and upbeat.



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