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Leslie Sansone's Sun and Moon Set

(Morning Mile Plus Abs and Evening Mile Plus Legs)

This two-tape set is part of Leslie's ever-expanding "Walk Away the Pounds" series. Each tape features a one-mile walk followed by a short toning section of three moves each for abs and legs respectively.

The tapes use the same bright, well-lit set and cheerful teaching style, but they differ in intensity and content. The morning tape is more intense. Leslie teaches with a class, some of whom show modifications such as use of weighted balls. In the evening tape, Leslie ditches both the class and the weights, and the workout is much less intense as a result.

Both of these tapes are better than no workout at all, but they are markedly less intense than her other Walk Away the Pounds tapes. I did the evening tape in long sleeves and did not even break a sweat. The morning tape was moderately more intense. The 20-minute walk would actually be a great warm-up to a weight tape.

Initially, I thought I would keep the morning tape for a light day or add-on, and trade the evening tape. However, I have actually found myself getting more use out of the evening tape than I thought. If it's late and I haven't gotten a workout in, or if I am too tired or sick to do a "real" workout, I can pop this tape in without even changing my clothes. It's a way to get moving, and it's better than nothing. I think Leslie could definitely have made these tapes harder, but I give her high points for concept. If you know what to expect, and what to use these for, they can be a nice set to have around.


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