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Fat Burning Walk 4

Leslie Sansone

The title on the cover is Fat Burning Walk 4 but the title at the beginning of the workout is The Walking Fatburner Workout. This 60 minute workout has about 45 minutes of aerobics and about 15 minutes of “bonus” body toning. The workout does not estimate miles as most of Leslie’s workout do. There is no copyright date on the actual workout so I cannot precisely date the workout but there are background exercisers from the Two Mile Walk that appear to have lost more weight in this workout. Leslie says that instead of having members of her Club as background exercisers that this time all of the background exercisers are instructors at her Club. She also notes that at 45 minutes this workout is longer than her others which are 30 minutes. The set is mostly white with some black framing and some fluorescent colors. The exercisers also wear fluorescent color tops with black bottoms. The overall production quality is not as good as the Two Mile Walk but the executive producer is the same. Leslie has you check your resting, active and recovery heart rates. At the active heart rate check she refers you to a chart that is not in the workout. I have this workout on the Deluxe Fat Burning Workout DVD which also has another workout. The DVD cover for this workout by itself seems to have a chart on the back.

As for the actual workout, Leslie starts with her “four basic steps”. She actually doesn’t do these steps as much as she does in other workout because almost thirty minutes of the aerobic section has jogging intervals. Like Walk and Jog, Leslie transitions from walking to jogging by traveling forward and back. Since she transitions a lot there are a lot of forward and back sections and not much time for kicking and knee lifts. Mary Kay is up front with Leslie and like Walk and Jog she does lo-impact modifications during the jogging. It is worth noting that Leslie does not mirror cue in this workout but I find it sort of nice to work left (mirroring her) rather than right for a change.

The body toning segment has donkey kicks in table position, abductor lifts lying on your side, and abdominal work (curls and reverse curls), all followed by a short stretching segment. Leslie does not instruct on form very well and she does not count the exercises on each side leading to doing different amounts on each side.

The DVD is chaptered as follows:
Introduction Ch. 1 0:00
Warm up 2 1:19
Cardio 3 9:15
Hi/Lo Impact 1 4 15:56
Hi/Lo Impact 2 5 21:20
Cool Down 6 36:49
Body Toning Bonus 7 43:55 (finishes at 59:29)

Instructor comments: Leslie is her usual bubbly self. She does not mirror cue in this workout. She does not cover form well in the toning segment.



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