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Comments about Leslie Sansone

Very "down to earth" personality-she is definitely non- intimidating for beginners. Sometimes her cueing could be better.

Susan Daiber

I like Leslie Sansone. I have five of her tapes and have been using her Walk Aerobics program off and on for many years. However, the Leslie Sansone on this tape is great! She's professional, and it looks like she, too, has shaped up. She looks thinner and more motivated. Her directions are super clear in this tape, and there is no silly chatter (which she has unfortunately done on previous tapes). Her cueing is terrific. Her encouragement is exactly right.

Karen Borak

Loved the instructor; her demeanor was just perfect for my level of fitness. Encouraged me to slow down if necessary.

Cindy Sanders

I love Leslie Sansone. Her personality is just right to motivate me. She is pleasant to watch and listen to. She says just the right things to keep me interested in exercising.

Paula Menke her tapes are easy to follow. she informs you of changes and the sequences are easy to keep up with. I nhave used these in school with classes of special children and they thoroughly enjoyed the workout. would love to meet her


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