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1 Mile Jog

Leslie Sansone

I bought this dvd as a 2 pack along with 1 Mile Booster. It was described as a complete 30 minute workout. The 'jog' is only about 15 minutes and the remainder is a short toning segment and talking. I did this one right after 1 Mile Booster and thought it was going to be pretty slow since it started with walks and the usual steps; however, once she brought it to a jog she stayed a jogging pace with jogging in place, jogging back and forth and around, kicks, knee lifts and a move where you swing the leg side to side. I'm overweight and found this section pretty intense but it went quickly. As part of a set this was probably a decent deal but wouldn't pay $15 for just the one workout. It could probably be made less high impact but that would defeat the purpose of it being a high impact faster 'walk'. This one differs from her other 'jogging' workouts in that you stay at that jogging pace once you're there unti the end cooldown. Also Leslie is by herself in this one which is set indoors and has some small 'gardens' decorating the background. I think she sometimes jogged forward 3 instead of 2, etc but this happens with her a lot! Overall I liked it and will probably do it every now and then though my favorite of hers for a fast pace is 1 mile super challenge.

Instructor comments: Chatty as always and can't get the number of steps forward and back correct but I like her and expect this in pretty much all her workouts! She's always cheerful and 'talk-y'.



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