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1, 2, 3 Mile "Super" Fat Burner


COMMENTS ABOUT INSTRUCTOR: Leslie is her usual bubbly self and continually motivating and non-intimidating. She leads the first and third mile, and Mary Kay (an instructor at Leslie's studio) teaches the second. Mary Kay is just as energetic if not more so than Leslie in this tape.

COMMENTS ABOUT VIDEO: This video is a little more choreographically intense than most of Leslie's videos using grapevines, knee ups, etc., in different patterns. The last mile also utilizes a resistance tube belt for increased upper body work. I have done this video twice with the belt and really do not care for it, I prefer to do it with little 2 to 3 pound hand weights which in my opinion work fine. The music is typical for a Walkaerobics tape, a lot faster in segments 2 and 3 though. During segment 3 (the third mile) Leslie points out as you advance you can utilize the belt in segment 2. I really enjoy this 50 minute tape for a day I want a more intermediate, no impact workout without having to concentrate on choreography.

Stephanie Bridges

1-2-3 Mile Walk would be a good addition for anyone - beginner, intermediate or advanced who want a change of pace. This tape can be "adjusted" to fit your personal fitness level. The blonde woman to Leslie's left (our right) is also an instructor in Leslie's club and works with more intensity. The woman with glasses to Leslie's right (our left) is also an instructor and works with a little less intensity.

The tape is split in to three sections. You can do one section and fast forward to the cool down - whatever is comfortable for you in the beginning. There is nothing intimidating about any of the work. The tape is low impact and 53 minutes long. It is a good length of time for fat burning.

I have recently changed the type of aeobic workouts in my routines from 30 minute mixed high/low to aeobics that are low impact, high intensity and longer. I did this with the hopes it would increase my metabolism and burn more fat. It seems to be working for me.

This tape would be a good choice for beginner/intermediate or advanced as a change of pace. I like Leslie and her crew look like real people right in your own neighborhood!!!

Instructor comments: I have commented on her style before as being easy going and "no pressure". She repeats that manner in this tape. She chats with the participants as they are working out. She re-assures beginners that whatever they are doing is just fine as long as they are moving. She has a funny little giggle that may turn some off, but I think it is not offensive- just different.

donna nihill

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