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1-2-3 Mile Walk

1-2-3 Mile Walk would be a good addition for anyone - beginner, intermediate or advanced who want a change of pace. This tape can be "adjusted" to fit your personal fitness level. The blonde woman to Leslie's left (our right) is also an instructor in Leslie's club and works with more intensity. The woman with glasses to Leslie's right (our left) is also an instructor and works with a little less intensity.

The tape is split in to three sections. You can do one section and fast forward to the cool down - whatever is comfortable for you in the beginning. There is nothing intimidating about any of the work. The tape is low impact and 53 minutes long. It is a good length of time for fat burning.

I have recently changed the type of aeobic workouts in my routines from 30 minute mixed high/low to aeobics that are low impact, high intensity and longer. I did this with the hopes it would increase my metabolism and burn more fat. It seems to be working for me.

This tape would be a good choice for beginner/intermediate or advanced as a change of pace. I like Leslie and her crew look like real people right in your own neighborhood!!!

Instructor comments: I have commented on her style before as being easy going and "no pressure". She repeats that manner in this tape. She chats with the participants as they are working out. She re-assures beginners that whatever they are doing is just fine as long as they are moving. She has a funny little giggle that may turn some off, but I think it is not offensive- just different.

donna nihill

This video is one of the best I have ever done. I have been exercising for over 20 years and have tried many kinds of videos. This video was easy to follow yet challenging to do. If you are like me and don't like complicated moves and just want a good workout then this is the video for you.

Instructor comments: Leslie Sansone is a very good instructor for both beginners and intermediate exercisers. I find her cues easy to follow and her personality bubbly.

Margie Mangini

I have purchased about 12 of her videos and I think they are the best. I don't think I could possibly use something else's videos after using hers.

Instructor comments: This was my first Leslie Sansone's walk aerobics video tape I purchased, and since then have purchased about 12 more! I personally think she is terrific and motivates you to exercise. I hated using cardiovascular machines; unfortunately I did not have a treadmill - just other machines. For some reason, I couldn't get motivated. With Leslie I use a different tape each morning before I go to work. I would HIGHLY recommend her tapes for any age group. She is adorable, to say the least, and gets you going. Just take it easy at first, then work at your own pace. I know everyone will love all her tapes!

Peg Fragale

I'll begin that I am more of an intermediate exerciser, but usually do videos with int/adv ratings. I bought this for days when I need to get in a workout later in the evening, when my energy is low and so is my ability to think fast. The first mile seemed like a long warm-up to me. I was starting to get disappointed. She does say "We don't want to get your heartrate up yet" and I was thinking "why?". Then she lets instructor Mary Kay lead the 2nd mile and I started to really heat up. The 2nd mile had a lot of arm movements and more unusual moves than the other walk aerobic videos I've tried. Just slightly more complex, yet are still basic. One move has a tricep kick back with a leg doing a knee up and over. Leslie shows a less tricky version for all of Mary Kays'. The 3rd mile uses a belt with exertube handles to tone your upper body and raise your heartrate. I used a dynaband behind my back and it worked fine. I only had to move the band to my hip bones, in front to do the tricep work, and it was last. It was easy to modify. I did this tape after doing The Firm Better Body & Buns the day prior, so it fit into my schedule perfectly. My arms weren't sore from the day before, yet didn't want to do additional weight work so soon. This tape is my 3rd Leslie tape I have kept, but will probably be my least favorite. I can't put my finger on it, but like the style of her 2 Mile Walk better. I rate it a B.

Instructor comments: Leslie is her usually perky self. She jokes with the camera men to not go into her laundry room. Her laugh isn't as obnoxious as some of her videos that were made years ago. She even lets one of her instructors from her walking centers lead the 2nd mile while she does the easier moves and talks more than usual since she is not leading that part.

Lorrie Gigler

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