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Runervals 1.0 Easy Intervals

Troy Jacobson

When I previewed this video I thought I would be bored to tears. I did not like the music at all. Kind of elevatorey. But, I was working so hard I couldn't even think! The set was nice, but I don't remember much about it.

This video is 35 minutes. There is a 5 minute warm up where Troy tells you what you will be doing. The cooldown is also 5 minutes, and runs until the very end. So you're reading names while cooling down. There is a clock in the lower left corner of the screen.

There are 4 students on treadmills (2 men and 2 women), Troy is walking around coaching. You set your base pace and then you're off! He starts with speed intervals of 1 minute on and 1 minute off. After 6 of those you go on to hill work. Again 1 minute on 1 minute off for 4 sets. Then you end with 2 sets of speed AND hill intervals. I am an intermediate/advanced exerciser (I think) and this was very challenging to me. I felt like the hill inclines could have been higher though. I think I'll be buying 2.0 soon!

Instructor comments: He doesn't have a lot to say. He counts down the seconds during the intervals. That is very helpful when you want to quit and he says "20 seconds to go".

Andrea Lynn

Coach Troy is joined by 4 athletes of various training stages. From the beginner to the advanced you have a visual of walking to running to compare to while utilizing this tape.

When I previewed the tape I wasn't sure if I cared for the music, but I've found while I do the workout I barely notice the music and I've found the beat not too fast or slow for any pace I use.

This video starts out with a 5 minute walk warm-up, there is no stretching involved prior to running. If your the kind of runner that requires stretching, you'll have to pause the tape (or do it before you start the tape).

Than let the intervals begin. The first couple of times you do this tape you'll have to discover what your base pace (referred to as BP from here out) is. BP is what Troy takes you back to after each interval performed. For this review I'll use a BP of 5.0.

The first interval is 1 minute of BP increased by 2 mph followed by 1 minute at BP. You do this 3 times. Example: 7.0 for one minute than one minute of 5.0. 7.0 for one minute than one minute of 5.0. 7.0 for one minute, than 5.0 for one minute.

The second interval is one minute of BP increased 3 mph, than one minute at BP. Example: 8.0 one minute than 5.0 for one minute (do this 3 times like interval one).

Your given a 2 minute brisk walk now. Trust me, you'll need this.

The third interval is BP with 2% incline for 45 seconds. 45 seconds at BP. 45 seconds at BP with 3% incline. 45 seconds at BP. 45 seconds at BP with 4% incline. 45 seconds at BP. 45 seconds at BP with 5% incline. 45 seconds at BP.

Another 2 minute brisk walk is offered to lower the heart rate for final interval. Drink water if you have it.

The final interval is BP plus 3 mph plus a 2% incline for one minute. Followed by BP for one minute. You'll do this twice. Example: 8.0 at 2% incline for one minute. 5.0 at no incline for one minute. 8.0 at 2% incline for one minute. 5.0 at no incline for one minute.

Finally you reach a 5 minute brisk walk cool-down.

The only negatives about this is Coach Troy doesn't go into proper form nor does he offer tips on how to establish a good BP for yourself. There is no stretching or mention of it in this video. I keep having to remind myself to do it on my own with this one.

I'd definitely would recommend this for anyone preparing for a 5-10K race that has never done one before. After I discovered the best BP for myself my times on my runs has definitely improved!

I really like the diversity of this tape. I can use it on my sore days as a fast walking video and on my strong days for all out running. It's a really great alternative when I can't run outside. I highly recommend it for all types of people that want to add walking or running to their routine. You definitely don't have to be a stellar athlete to get this one. If you own two left feet there is no fancy footwork to master here.

Instructor comments: While Troy doesn't get on a treadmill (which at times makes you want to smack him), he is really good at queing you when to start increasing/decreasing your speed. I just can't wait to hear the words, "5 seconds left". It's like music to my ears.

Lisa Rudd

This is a pretty decent video as far as treadmill running goes. It tends to keep one from getting as board as running in-place can do.
The intervals aren't too difficult for a beginner and as you increase your Base Pace (BP), you can make it pretty challenging. However, I would say that on a treadmill, you should consider 2% treadmill incline the same as 0% on the street, but that's just my opinion.

I must say, however, that the music is NOT the best for running to. It is a bit annoying (read: cheap elevator music), but at least they up the tempo when you are going faster or at a higher incline (during the work intervals).
The interval sets have been mentioned in previous reviews, so I won't restate them here.

All in all, it's worth the cost of the DVD if you have to run inside or if you want a replacement for a track workout (but I'd still like to have some better tunes ;-) ).

Instructor comments: Pretty good queuing from Coach Troy. Difficult to hear some of his other comments at times.



This is a very good treadmill workout. The setting is a hotel ballroom with 3 treadmills and 3 different level participants. You warm up, then set a base pace and have one set of intervals where you increase speed for one minute intervals, then go back to base pace, then another set of intervals where you keep the base pace steady and increase the incline for one minute intervals, and go back to no incline, and then you increase both speed and incline for the last 2 intervals before finally cooling down.

This workout can be done by any level of walker or runner. You set your own base pace, knowing that you are going to have to increase speed 3 mph and incline up to 5%. I find the workout challenging. I think that if done consistently, this workout would greatly increase a person's cardiovascular endurance and help train for a short race.

There are no frills with this workout. The music doesn't add nor does it detract from the workout; it's just there. I find myself only paying attention to Troy and what he's saying. Sometimes I found it annoying when he would call out the seconds done and seconds left to go ("30 seconds," "10 seconds,") as I would have rather just run the minute and not be thinking about how many more seconds were left or completed. Other than that, I like the way Troy designed this workout. It's logical, it's doable, it's challenging and it leaves you feeling good about your accomplishment afterwards.

Instructor comments: There is something about Coach Troy that makes me feel like he is in the room with me, and that makes me work harder. Troy's personality is low-key, and he wears street clothes and walks around the room with his stop watch the whole time. I find those things a little annoying, but I can overlook them because the training method is very good.


April 10, 2005

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